City Council Summary: May 9, 2022

Roadway improvements around the City

City Council reviewed the six-year Transportation Improvement Program (TIP). The TIP shows roadway improvement projects happening around Lakewood from 2023 to 2028. The full list of projects is in the agenda packet. Capital Projects Manager Charles “Ted” Hill gave a presentation on the 2023-2028 TIP. This new TIP might include these roadway improvements:

  • Boston Ave SW: I-5 to McChord Drive
  • John Dower Road: 78th Street SW to 75th Street
  • 112th Street – South Tacoma Way to Steele Street

City Council will vote to finalize the six-year TIP on June 6.

Long Range & Strategic Planning Manager Tiffany Speir presented updates to the Lakewood Shoreline Restoration Plan. This plan outlines the City’s strategy for taking care of Lakewood’s many lakes and streams. The updates reflect two facts. First, Lakewood is part of a Pierce County Conservation District water monitoring program. The program has volunteers take samples of Lakewood lake and stream water several times a year. The City pays the lab bill. Over many years, the data showed no concerning trends. As a result, the City cut back on sampling some lake water from several times a year to once every five to ten years. An update reflects this change. Second, research shows that dysfunctional sewage systems put hazardous chemicals into lakes and streams. There was an error in the plan that made this fact unclear. An update makes this point clearer. Public comments about the updates are in the agenda packet.

City Council will a host public hearing about this topic on May 16. After that, City Council will vote to finalize the updates on June 6.