Waughop Lake 2017 dock

Is Waughop Lake experiencing a toxic algae bloom?

A drone shot of Waughop Lake from July 2018

Feb. 9, 2024

The city recently fielded concerns from residents that Waughop Lake was experiencing a toxic algae bloom. Previously the lake experienced these blooms in the late summer months when temperatures remain high. The city has applied alum treatments to the lake in recent years to reduce toxic blooms.

In response to the worry that the lake was experiencing a bloom, the city asked the Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department’s environmental services division to visit the site and test the lake.

The local health department team contacted their peers with King County’s health department and requested the water be tested as a precaution. The King County testing program is closed during the winter months, due to toxic algae blooms being less common in the winter. They agreed to open the environmental lab specifically to test the water.

The test results came back this week and showed there are no toxins in the water above the lab detection limits. This indicates there is no toxic algae bloom occurring in the lake.