Road crews pave Washington Boulevard

Washington Boulevard gets paved

April 18, 2023

We’re crossing our fingers for more sunshine (or at least minimal rain) so that the paving on Washington Boulevard is completed this week.

The paving will occur on the section that is currently closed. It is one of the last steps needed before this section of road can reopen.

Here is the tentative paving schedule for this week, weather permitting:

  • Tuesday: Vernon Avenue between Veterans Drive and Washington Boulevard. The base lift will be done.
  • Wednesday: Vernon Avenue north of Washington Boulevard. This section will be paved, along with driveways and a couple of sections west and east of Vernon that need a base lift.
  • Thursday: To place the top lifts throughout these sections we need the weather to be dry. Right now, the forecast doesn’t look good. If the rain holds off, the last overlay of Vernon between Veterans and Moreland and Washington Boulevard between Edgewood Drive and Vernon Avenue will be done. If the weather does not cooperate this will be pushed into next week.
A photo of crews paving Washington Boulevard in Lakewood WA
Paving Vernon heading south from Washington Blvd.

Once all paving is complete, the contractor will need to perform some additional preparation tasks including adjusting utility castings and signage and then we can reopen all of Vernon Avenue and the section of Washington Boulevard between Edgewood Drive and Vernon Avenue.

The final closure of Washington Boulevard could come as soon as April 24, again assuming weather cooperates. This section runs from Lake City Boulevard to Interlaaken Drive.

A photo of road crews paving Washington Boulevard
Paving Vernon SB lane from just south of Washington Blvd.