City of Lakewood Staff Directory

City of Lakewood:
Brynn Grimley, Communications Manager, 253-255-3396
Lakewood Police Department: Charles Porche, Public Information Officer, 253-530-5020

City Council

To email City Council add their email handle before

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City Council General MailboxCity Council Body253-589-2489
Jason Whalen
Email: JWhalen
Mary Moss
Email: MMoss
Deputy Mayor253-589-2489
Ryan Pearson
Email: RPearson
Council Member 253-589-2489
Patti Belle
Email: PBelle
Council Member 253-589-2489
Paul Bocchi
Email: PBocchi
Council Member253-589-2489
Mike Brandstetter
Email: MBrandstetter
Council Member 253-589-2489
J. Trestin Lauricella
Email: TLauricella
Council Member 253-589-2489

City Manager’s Office

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John Caulfield
Email: JCaulfield
City Manager253-983-7703
Michael Vargas
Email: MVargas
Assistant to the City Manager, Policy Analyst253-983-7717
Brynn Grimley
Email: BGrimley
Communications Manager253-983-7761
Derek Gibson
Email: DGibson
Communications Coordinator253-983-7701

Administrative Services

To email Administrative Services staff add their email handle before

Ex: John Doe – [email protected]

Tho Kraus
Email: TKraus
Deputy City Manager253-983-7706
Mehdi Sadri
Email: MSadri
Chief Information Technology Officer253-983-7815
Dana Kapla
Email: DKapla
Assistant Finance Director253-983-7732
Catherine Short
Email: CShort
Finance Supervisor253-983-7714
Oliver Contreras
Email: Ocontreras
Finance Analyst253-983-7708
Randy Dunn
Email: RDunn
Finance Analyst253-983-7724
Rosalind Nguessan
Email: RNguessan
Finance Technician253-983-7840
Tammi Dove
Email: TDove
Finance Technician253-983-7778
Samantha Mahugh
Email: SMahugh
Lead Finance Technician253-983-7707
Troy Schlepp
Email: TSchlepp
GIS Analyst253-983-7726
Tyler Wells
Email: TWells
IT Administrator253-983-7860
Donny Cheung
Email: DCheung
IT Administrator235-986-7848
Terrance Colvin
Email: TColvin
IT Specialist253-983-7842

Community & Economic Development

To email Community and Economic Development staff add their email handle before

Ex: John Doe – [email protected]

Jeff Rimack
Email: JRimack
Community & Economic Development Director253-983-7739
Becky Newton
Email: BNewton
Economic Development Manager/Planning Manager – Permitting253-983-7738
Angie Silva
Email: asilva
Planning Manager253-983-7839
Tiffany Speir
Email: TSpeir
Planning Manager, Long Range/Strategic Planning253-983-7702
Jeff Gumm
Email: JGumm
Program Manager, Housing253-983-7773
Martha Larkin
Email: MLarkin
Program Coordinator, CDBG/HOME253-983-7754
Ted Thelin
Email: TThelin
Program Coordinator, ARPA Program & Special Projects253-433-4177
Rafik Gindy
Email: RGindy
Building Official253-983-7817
Morgan Hobart
Email: MHobart
Building Inspector 253-983-7736
Andrea Bell
Email: ABell
Associate Planner 253-983-7814
Katherine Rupert
Email: KRupert
Associate Planner253-983-7713
Brittany Gillia
Email: BGillia
Associate Planner 253-983-7802
Billie Stewart
Email: BStewart
Associate Planner253-983-7722
Lauren Hines
Email: LHines
Permit Coordinator 253-983-7733
Lehua Aalona
Email: LAalona
Permit Technician 253-983-7748
Danielle Beavers
Email: DBeavers
Permit Technician 253-983-7791
Jennifer Posalski
Email: JPosalski
Permit Technician253-983-7715
Karen Devereaux
Email: KDevereaux
Administrative Assistant 253-983-7767
Heather Holverstott
Email: HHolverstott
Administrative Assistant, Rental Housing Safety Program253-983-7770
Lindsey Smith
Email: LSmith
Office Assistant253-983-7718

Human Resources

To email Human Resources staff add their email handle before

Ex: John Doe – [email protected]

Mary McDougal
Email: MMcDougal
Human Resources Director253-983-7709
Hannah Hillig
Email: HHillig
Human Resources Analyst253-983-7711
Tracey Freeman
Email: TFreeman
Human Resources Analyst253-983-7719
Carolina Alba
Email: CAlba
Human Resources Technician253-983-7846

To email Legal staff add their email handle before

Ex: John Doe – [email protected]

Heidi Wachter
Email: HWachter
City Attorney 253-732-8052
Briana Schumacher
Email: BSchumacher
City Clerk253-983-7705
Eileen McKain
Email: EMcKain
Assistant City Attorney253-983-7838
Melanie Pennington
Email: MPennington
Public Records and Legal Specialist253-241-7163
Amelia Hernandez
Email: AHernandez
Public Records and Legal Specialist253-279-5875
Tessa Hutchinson
Email: THutchinson
Office Assistant 253-983-7718
Vicky Hagel
Email: VHagel
Office Assistant253-589-2489
Jacquelyn Walters
Email: JWalters
Office Assistant253-304-1394

Municipal Court

To email Municipal Court staff add their email handle before

Ex: John Doe – [email protected]

Municipal Court General MailboxStaff253-512-2258
Court Compliance & ProbationStaff253-512-2258
Deana Wright
Email: DWright
Court Administrator253-512-2258
Windy Guiberson
Email: WGuiberson
Lead Court Clerk253-512-2258
Work CrewStaff253-983-7806

Police Department

To email Police Department staff add their email handle before

Ex: John Doe – [email protected]

Front Desk General MailboxPolice Staff253-830-5000
Emergency ContactPolice Staff911
Non-Emergency ContactPolice Staff253-287-4455
Patrick D. Smith
Email: PSmith
Police Chief253-830-5002
John Unfred
Email: JUnfred
Assistant Police Chief253-830-5003
Charles Porche
Email: CPorche
Sergeant, Public Information Officer253-830-5000
Animal ControlPolice Staff253-830-5010
Abandoned Vehicles, Traffic ComplaintsPolice Staff253-830-5070
Criminal Investigations Tip linePolice Staff253-830-5064
Drug Tip LinePolice Staff253-830-5049
Domestic Violence HelplinePolice Staff253-798-4166
Gang Tip HotlinePolice Staff253-830-5049
Prostitution Tip HotlinePolice Staff253-830-5049
Sex Offender InformationPolice Staff253-830-5049
DWLS/Tow ProgramPolice Staff253-830-5072
Office of Professional StandardsPolice Staff253-830-5022

Parks, Recreation and Community Services

To email Parks, Recreation, and Community Services staff add their email handle before

Ex: John Doe – [email protected]

Mary Dodsworth
Email: MDodsworth
Cameron Fairfield
Email: CFairfield
Recreation Coordinator253-983-7827
Sally Martinez
Email: SMartinez
Recreation Coordinator253-983-7758
Elizabeth Scheid
Email: EScheid
Recreation Coordinator (Senior Activity Center)253-798-4090
Shannon Bennett
Email: SBennett
Human Services Coordinator253-983-7756
Stacey Reding
Email: SReding
Parks Development Project Manager253-983-7852
DavĂ­d de la Cruz
Email: Ddelacruz
Parks Development Project Manager253-983-7854
Debbie Washburn
Email: DWashburn
Office Assistant (Senior Activity Center)253-798-4090
June Aguon
Email: JAguon
Office Assistant253-983-1851
Nikki York
Email: NYork
Office Assistant253-983-7835

Operations and Maintenance

To Operations and Maintenance staff add their email handle before

Ex: John Doe – [email protected]

24-Hour NumberStaff253-267-1628
Scott Williams
Email: SWilliams
Operations Superintendent 253-579-1852

Public Works Engineering

To Public Works Engineering staff add their email handle before

Ex: John Doe – [email protected]

Weston Ott
Email: WOtt
City Engineer, Engineering Services Division Manager253-983-7725
Troy Pokswinski
Email: TPokswinski
Capital Projects Division Manager 253-983-7729
Eric Swanstrom
Email: ESwanstrom
Civil Engineer253-983-7751
Jon Howe
Email: JHowe
Associate Civil Engineer253-983-7847
JB Hur
Email: JHur
Public Works Engineering Project Manager253-983-7845
Brian Shields
Email: BShields
Construction Management Lead253-983-7819
Chris Dominguez
Email: CDominguez
Assistant Civil Engineer 253-983-7836
Timothy Motoh
Email: TMotoh
Associate Civil Engineer253-983-7777
Franc Sawatzki
Email: FSawatzki
Associate Civil Engineer253-983-7787
Katie Foster
Email: KFoster
Engineering Technician253-983-7833
Alla Dobrovidova
Email: ADobrovidova
Engineering Technician253-983-7816
Diana Halar
Email: DHalar
SWM Compliance Inspector253-983-7826
Robert Toy
Email: RToy
Construction Inspector253-983-7851
Chris Phippen
Email: CPhippen
Construction Inspector253-983-7813
Karen Devereaux
Email: KDevereaux
Administrative Assistant 253-983-7767

South Sound Military and Communities Partnership

To email South Sound Military and Communities Partnership add their email handle before

Ex: John Doe – [email protected]

Bill Adamson
Email: BAdamson
Program Director 253-983-7772
Maria Tobin
Email: MTobin
Program Coordinator253-983-7804