Boards and Commissions

American lake – Lake Management District No. 1 Advisory Committee

The American Lake – Lake Management District No. 1 Advisory Committee represents the property owners of American Lake (Lake Management District No. 1) and advises the Lakewood City Council on matters involving the lake.

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Sailboat docked on American Lake.

Civil Service Commission

The Civil Service Commission follows State law to select, hire, demote, and promote police officers.

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A group of Lakewood Police Officers stand with their hands raised as they are sworn in.

Community Services Advisory Board

The Community Services Advisory Board holds public hearings to identify community and housing needs. They then make recommendations to the City Council on the best use of money to meet those needs.

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Lakewood Arts Commission

The role of the Lakewood Arts commission is to assess needs, establish priorities and make recommendations for the enrichment of the community and promotion of its cultural vitality through the arts.

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Lakewood high school student Sam Reed poses next to the two signal boxes that hold his artistic design in Lakewood at the corner of 96th Street SW and South Tacoma Way SW.

Lakewood’s Promise Advisory Board

The Lakewood’s Promise Advisory Board develops relationships among citizens and businesses to deliver The Five Promises to Lakewood youth. The Five Promises are adults that care, public safety, health, education, and equal opportunity.

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Landmarks and Heritage Advisory Board

The Landmarks and Heritage Advisory Board assigns and protects historical landmarks in Lakewood.

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Black and White photo of a historic dock in Lakewood.

Lodging Tax Advisory Committee

The Lodging Tax Advisory Committee (LTAC) reviews proposals to impose, adjust, or repeal taxes under RCW 67.28 (hotel/motel tax). The committee also considers applications to use tourism-related tax revenue to fund programs to improve tourism in Lakewood.

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A Queen sized bed with green bedding in a hotel room.

Parks and Recreation Advisory Board

The Parks and Recreation Board gives recommendations to City Council on parks and recreation-related issues.

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A picnic table in the middle of a group of tall trees.

Planning Commission

The Planning Commission assists in preparing a comprehensive plan for Lakewood in accordance with state law.

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Hand holding a black pen draws on blueprints.

Public Safety Advisory Committee

The Public Safety Advisory Committee provides citizen input to the City Council about public safety policies.

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The American flag flies from a fire truck ladder overhead at Lakewood City Hall. In the foreground two Lakewood Police officers are silhouetted against the blue sky.

Salary Commission

The Salary Commission determines the salaries paid to the Mayor and the City Council.

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Lakewood City Hall on a sunny day with blue sky.

Tree Advisory Committee

In 2022, the City convened an Ad Hoc Tree Advisory Committee to review the current tree regulations in the City’s municipal code and recommend updates to reflect the importance of preserving tree canopy cover and protecting significant trees (including Oregon White Oak.) After the Tree Advisory Committee completed its work, the Planning Commission and City Council reviewed their recommendations.

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A dense grove of trees

Youth Council

The Youth Council works with City Council to demonstrate how City decisions impact the youth of Lakewood.

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Public Safety Advisory Committee

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Terms of office: Five (5) expired terms through August 6, 2027

Deadline to apply: Friday, July 19, 2024

Community Services Advisory Board

Vacancies: Up to two (2) vacancies

Terms of office: Four (4) year term

Deadline to apply: Open until filled

Landmarks and Heritage Advisory Board

Vacancies: Up to four (4) vacancies

Terms of office: Three (3) year term

Deadline to apply: Open until filled