A proclamation is an official announcement made by the Mayor or the City Council.

City Council proclamations are made to recognize an individual, group, or event. City Council Proclamations are publicly read at a City Council meeting and presented to a representative(s) of the event during the Council meeting.

Mayor’s Proclamations are typically requested by and for a special interest group within the City. Mayor’s Proclamations are signed by the Mayor and forwarded to a representative of the event.

The Mayor and City Manager shall determine if the Proclamation request is for a City Council Proclamation or a Mayor’s Proclamation. Requests for proclamations can be submitted to the City Clerk. Requests should include the following information and be made at least two weeks in advance:

  • Organization and/or Requestor’s name, mailing address, phone number, and email
  • Sample or model Proclamation language
  • Background information of the individual or organization’s connection to the Lakewood community
  • Whether the Proclamation has been issued by the City in previous years (if known)

Previous Proclamations