The City of Lakewood Finance Division provides accurate financial information for City leaders to make educated judgments about the City’s financial health and operations.

Tho Kraus
Deputy City Manager
(253) 983-7706
Fax: (253) 589-3774

Email: TKraus
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Washington State Auditor Case Study – City of Lakewood (PDF)


  • Accounts Payable/Receivable: manages the money the city owes to others (accounts payable) and the money it is owed by others (accounts receivable)
  • Payroll: Handle paying city employees
  • Cash and Investment Management: takes care of the city’s money and investments, making sure they are handled wisely
  • Financial Forecasting: predict how much money the city will have in the future
  • Budget Preparation: create plans for how the city will spend its money
  • Internal Control Monitoring: make sure that money is used properly and efficiently within the city
  • Audit: examine the city’s financial records to check for accuracy
  • Financial Reporting: create reports that show how the city’s money was used, including a yearly report called the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
  • Non-Departmental/Centralized Services: services that benefit the whole city, not just one specific department
  • Fleet and Equipment Administration: take care of the city’s vehicles and equipment
  • General Accounting: handle various financial tasks, such as money for specific projects, keeping track of valuable assets and handling grants

Goals and Objectives:

  • Provide timely, accurate, user-friendly and transparent financial information and services
  • Ensure compliance with purchasing laws and regulations
  • Ensure proper internal control in City operations to safeguard City resources
  • Maintain reliability and integrity of the City’s financial data and processes
  • Stay on top of new developments in accounting and finance