High-Speed Train Traffic to Resume Soon

Passenger train service will resume along the Point Defiance Bypass route on Nov. 18. That means that high-speed train traffic will pass through Lakewood.

These trains move at speeds up to 80 miles per hour, so safety at crossings is vitally important.

  • Stop for signals.
  • Keep tracks clear.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) warns “Stop – Trains Can’t.” The NHTSA identifies seven critical train safety rules to practice at crossings:

  • Stop, look both ways, and listen. Trains have the right of way.
  • Leave room to get across. Once you enter the crossing, keep moving.
  • Stop 15 feet from flashing red lights, lowered gates, or other crossing signals.
  • Never drive around a lowering gate. Never ignore signals.
  • Wait for gates to fully rise and for lights to cease before crossing.
  • Never assume that there is only one train coming from a single direction.
  • If your car stalls on a rail track, quickly get everyone out – even if you don’t see a train coming.
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