Jose Gonzales, owner of Veterans Roofing, poses with members of the Lakewood City Council, the city's Economic Development Manager Becky Newton and Lakewood Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Linda Smith. Veterans Roofing was named the January 2024 Business Showcase.

January 2024 Business Showcase: Veterans Roofing

Jan. 19, 2024

The logo for Veterans Roofing in Lakewood.

Veterans Roofing started in Lakewood 14 years ago, but owner Jose Gonzales is a life-long Lakewood resident. He graduated from Clover Park School District schools and chose to return to Lakewood to start his business. An Army veteran, Gonzales wanted to name his company something that reflected not only his values and experience, but those of the Lakewood community.

“Me being a veteran, I have veterans on the team, we wanted something that stood out that we support veterans and local community,” Gonzales said about why he chose the name Veterans Roofing. “Lakewood has a lot of veterans, so we wanted that name.”

This isn’t the only way Veterans Roofing represents Lakewood, however. As a member of the Lakewood Chamber of Commerce, Gonzales is active in the chamber. He also participates in an important tradition each holiday season: Lakewood Blue Lights.

The tradition dates back to 1937. That’s when Norton Clapp, of the Lakewood Development Company, built the Lakewood Colonial Center. At the time known as the Lakewood Community Center, Clapp decorated the center with blue lights every December because his first wife Mary Cordelia Davis’ favorite color was blue.

In 2019 the Lakewood Chamber of Commerce revived the practice and encouraged local businesses to participate. Gonzales and his team at Veterans Roofing stepped up to help. Each year the business volunteers its time and resources to string blue lights on buildings around the city. Veterans Roofing’s assistance makes it easier for businesses to participate by doing the hard work of stringing the lights. Ultimately, the lights symbolize the holiday spirit among Lakewood’s local business community.

Veterans Roofing is recognized as the January 2024 City of Lakewood Business Showcase because of its longevity and positive impact in Lakewood and its commitment to upholding traditions and values that reflect the city and its residents.

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