Legacy Plan Cover Page

Lakewood City Council adopts Parks Legacy Plan

May 28, 2020

The Lakewood City Council recently adopted an update to the city’s parks Legacy Plan, a long-tern strategic planning document crafted to meet the future park and recreation needs of the community.

The council adopted its first Legacy Plan in 2014. The May 18, 2020 adoption reflects the latest version of the plan.

Since its 2014 adoption, the city executed and completed a number of the projects, strategies and action items identified in the plan.

In 2019 it was time to update the plan and revisit the needs of the community. To do this the city embarked on a public outreach campaign as part of a larger effort to update the plan to ensure the document remained timely and reflected the needs and desires of the community.

Outreach included attending various public events to capture the voice of residents, as well as hosting open houses and stakeholder meetings.

The city also reviewed recent local demographic information and park trends. Using this information as a springboard, and updated was crafted: The Legacy Plan 2020.

This update identifies priorities over a six-year period from 2021 to 2026, as well as acts as a long term strategic guide.

Like the proceeding plan, the updated Legacy Plan provides the strategic framework for the city’s parks and recreation system. This document is intended for use at the policy level, as well as a tool for day-to-day operational decision making.

The City Council strongly believes in the power of planning and a community-driven processes.  This plan was formed based on the aspirations, values and beliefs of the Lakewood community.

The Legacy Plan includes information on present day park and recreation trends, demographic developments, existing park and recreation conditions, an analysis of community needs and desires, an updated Parks Capital Facility Program (PCFP) for 2020-2026 and a list of potential future capital projects.

The plan will be used as a living document responsive to the changing needs of the community. Lakewood will continue to follow the Plan and support an active, engaged and livable community.

The Legacy Plan will be used in the following ways:

A strategic guide:

The Legacy Plan acts as a foundation for future strategic planning, decision making and visioning exercises. It serves as a guide for elected officials and City personnel in the provision of park, open space and recreation services.

An information provider:

The Legacy Plan provides information on the city’s park, open space and recreation system for elected officials, city personnel, community members and any other interested parties.

To support grant funding:

The Legacy Plan is designed to support grant applications; specifically, the plan is designed to meet the planning requirements of the Washington State Recreation and Conservation Office (RCO).

To comply with Growth Management Act requirements:

The Legacy Plan complies with Growth Management Act (GMA) requirements and supplements the city’s Comprehensive Plan, specifically RCW 36.70A.020 and Section 3.10.