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Lakewood City Council to review six-year transportation plan

May 27, 2020

At its June 1, 2020 meeting the Lakewood City Council will hold a public hearing on its proposed 6-year Transportation Improvement Program.

The document outlines upcoming road and transportation improvement projects for the years 2021 to 2026. As part of its review process, the City Council listens to public feedback to make sure the document accurately reflects the needs of the community.

During the fall of 2019 the City Council met to review its 2020 goals and objectives. Part of that review included a look at the city’s transportation program and upcoming projects. During its discussion council members identified connectivity as a priority.

Whether through the addition of sidewalks or bike lanes, council members requested the 2021-2026 TIP include more connections between city neighborhoods and parks and commercial districts.

Since incorporation in 1996 city leaders have prioritized pedestrian and bike connectivity to create safer roadways for drivers and pedestrians alike. At the time of incorporation the majority of roads in Lakewood were without sidewalks or bike lanes.

In the more than two decades since, a concerted effort was made to add these connection points. Today about 20 percent of the city has sidewalks, and there are major transportation improvement projects planned that will continue to grow that percentage.

The public is invited to review the proposed 6-year TIP and submit comments to the Lakewood City Council as part of the public hearing process. The hearing will be held as part of the council’s regular June 1, 2020 meeting.

Following the public hearing the council will review comments before taking action on the document at the June 15, 2020 regular meeting.

View the proposed TIP.

Submit public comments via email to [email protected] or mail them before June 1 to:

City Clerk Briana Schumacher
6000 Main St SW
Lakewood, WA 98499

You can view the June 1 regular meeting on the city’s YouTube Channel or listen by telephone at: +1 (253) 215- 8782 and enter participant ID: 151-082-920.

For further information about the program, please call Weston Ott, Transportation Division Manager, at 253-983-7725 or email [email protected].

View current and planned transportation and capital improvement projects.