City Council Summary: Monday, April 18, 2022

Parks Appreciation Day is this Saturday, April 23. The City will host a volunteer day to perform spring cleaning at local parks. The City Council issued a proclamation to recognize the occasion. The proclamation was accepted by Parks & Recreation Advisory Board Chair Jason Gerwen.

Parks Appreciation Day is Saturday, April 23. Parks & Recreation Advisory Board Chair Jason Gerwen accepted a City Council proclamation honoring the occasion.

Governmental Affairs Consultant Shelley Helder reviewed the recent state legislative session. Positive outcomes for Lakewood include funding for infrastructure, park improvements, and homeless services. The City’s ongoing legislative priorities include multimodal transportation and behavioral health placement practices.

Lakewood and the Pierce County Library will begin to plan facility improvements. Local library branch facilities are outdated and in poor physical condition.

City Council authorized $516,754 to improve conditions at the Karwan Village Mobile Home Park. 28 units are connected to a failing septic system and will be connected to sewer service. Dangerous structures will be demolished. City code enforcement works to ensure renter safety and livability in low-income units.

The City is involved in litigation to hold opioid distributors accountable for their part in the opioid crisis. Lakewood will join a collective of Washington cities and towns taking legal action.

Housing Program Manager Jeff Gumm reviewed Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) plans. Lakewood’s CDBG programs support major home repairs, affordable housing development, and other programs.

The City may consolidate to two of City Hall’s three floors. The City may consider leasing underutilized space. City Council authorized a study of the matter. Some staff began to work remotely during the pandemic; they continue to work efficiently and enjoy the arrangement.

Cluster mailboxes will be required following major street reconstruction and within new subdivisions. Cluster mailboxes improve security and mail delivery efficiency. Efficient mail delivery may improve traffic flow and safety.

Guidelines will be established to relieve disruptive advisory board and commission members. Such removals would only occur following obvious impropriety.