New Bridge Connects University Place & Lakewood by Trail

Pierce County crews have installed a new bridge connecting Lakewood and University Place by trail. The bridge spans Chambers Creek and connects a trailhead on the Lakewood side to Kobayashi Park on the University Place side.

The bridge is only part of a larger project to improve the Chambers Creek Canyon area. Earlier this summer, a 1.0 mile stretch of trail was added between the trailhead at Zircon Rd. and the trailhead at Chambers Creek Dam. Additional trails will be added in the near future to connect the western trails to the eastern trailheads.

The trail is beautifully wooded and descends into a deep canyon along Chambers Creek. As of Oct. 26, there remains abundant fall foliage and beautiful seasonal colors, despite recent windstorms. The trail has a steep grade at points, and wet leaves and mud may be slippery – wear appropriate shoes on your visit.

To see the new bridge, visitors may enter from Kobayashi Park or the trailhead at the north end of Phillips Road. For a longer walk, visitors may enter one of the eastern trailheads.

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A new bridge has been installed across Chambers Creek
Fall foliage is still vibrant
The trail descends into a wooded canyon