Pierce County creates program to offer discounts to dine-in restaurant customers

Pierce County recently dedicated $7.5 million from its federal CARES Act allocation to create a program that would offer a 30 percent discount to dine-in customers, excluding alcohol purchases. The 30 percent discount is only available to customers eating at eligible restaurants during a two-week promotional window. The promotional dates have not been set.

Licensed restaurants in operation before March 23, 2020 that continue to operate and be open to the public, and that are full-service restaurants designated with a NAICS Code 722511 on their business license, are eligible.

The total amount of funding available to each restaurant cannot exceed $90,000. During the two-week promotional period, eligible restaurants can receive compensation up to 50 percent of gross sales for dine-in meals, excluding alcohol, for each day. No participating restaurants will receive less than $5,000.

Restaurants interested in applying for the new program should check the Economic Development Department website piercecountywa.gov/CARESbusiness, which will share information once the program is ready for applicants.