September 2020 Update

In June, the city submitted a grant application to the Office of Economic Adjustment (OEA) in in support of the JBLM North Access Improvement Project under the Defense Critical Infrastructure Program (DCIP). Unfortunately, the City was unsuccessful in this grant process. Of the 16 proposal accepted for further consideration, 14 were for recreational facilities or schools. Two were for small infrastructure projects amounting to less than $1M of the total $50M DCIP Pilot Program allocation.

In totality, the project is intended to rebuild a roughly 3.5-mile section of the Northgate Rd/Edgewood Ave/Washington Blvd corridor from the western city limit to Gravelly Lake Drive; Gravelly Lake Drive will be rebuilt from Washington Blvd to just north of Pacific Highway; Vernon Ave will be reconstructed from Veterans to Washington Blvd. Improvements include curb, sidewalk, planted medians bike lanes and up to 10 roundabouts.

The City is proceeding with preparing for advertisement of a subset of the overall project as previously relayed to Council: GLD from south of Nyanza up to and through the WA Blvd intersection then west to include the Interlaaken intersection. City applied for a $3 million TIB grant and will know by November 24, 2020 if successful.

If the City were to break out this project into two phases, the following are the anticipated costs per phase:

  • Gravelly Lake Drive, Pacific Highway North of Arco to Washington Blvd and west through Interlaaken Drive:  $7,600,000
  • Washington Blvd, Interlaaken Drive to Edgewood/North Gate and Vernon: $11,370,000