Steilacoom Boulevard Reopens Following Prolonged Sewer Main Repair

Steilacoom Boulevard has reopened between Lakewood Drive & Gravelly Lake Drive after a months-long closure for an emergency sewer main repair.

Steilacoom Boulevard in Lakewood will reopen for traffic this afternoon, Wednesday, Feb. 16. Thanks to dry weather conditions this week, crews working on our sewer main repair project were able to apply temporary striping ahead of schedule. Permanent road markings are expected to be installed next month, along with some final utility work. Thank you to the Lakewood community for their patience and understanding during this emergency construction! Please visit our website to learn more about the project.
Akiko Oda, Public Information Specialist, Pierce County Planning & Public Works

On July 20, a 36-inch sewer main collapsed deep beneath the roadway, spilling some sewage into nearby streets. Pierce County Planning & Public Works quickly responded to the crisis and established a sewer bypass system before attempting a permanent repair.

The permanent repair began in October. Crews had to dig over 25′ deep to reach the main. Despite the complexity of the project, the county was able to maintain its original schedule.

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Steilacoom Boulevard has reopened between Gravelly Lake Drive and Lakewood Drive
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Following the collapse of the main, Pierce County crews installed a temporary sewer bypass on the surface to maintain service.