Finance Common Questions

Below is a list of the most common questions asked about the City of Lakewood Finance Division.

General Questions
Accounts Receivable
Accounts Payable
Financial Reports and Audits

General Questions

What is the City’s bond rating (PDF)?

  • In April 2019, Standard & Poor’s (S&P) assigned its AA long-term bond rating to the City’s new 2019 bond issue providing for $8M in funds for transportation projects. At the same time, S&P affirmed its AA long-term rating on the City’s outstanding general obligation debt, which was upgraded in June 2018 to AA, up from AA-. In 2014, S&P upgraded the City’s rating to AA-, up from A. Over four years the City saw its bond rating increase three steps – skipping A+ in 2014 and going directly to AA. The AA bond rating, which is an extraordinary achievement for our City, will translate into lower financing costs by attracting a broader range of investors.  This rating is also a positive reflection of the City’s effectiveness in managing its financial resources.

What is the City’s DUNS number?  

  • The DUNS number is a distinctive 9-digit identification provided by Dun & Bradstreet which links the user to a wealth of information products and services an organization provides. The City’s number is 949462758.

What is the City’s UBI number?

  • The City’s number is 601667295.

What is the City’s statewide vendor number?

  • The Washington State Department of Enterprise Services maintains a central vendor file for Washington State agencies to use for processing vendor payments. This allows the City to receive payments from all participating state agencies by direct deposit, the state’s preferred method of payment. The City’s number is SWV0017611-00.

What is the City’s purchasing policies as it pertains to Federal Grants?

  • The City, along with contracting entity, will follow all terms and conditions included in the grant agreement as well as using the most restrictive of federal, state, or local requirements.  Read the Grant Requirements (PDF) for more information.  

Accounts Receivable

What are the accepted types of payment?

  • The City of Lakewood accepts cash, checks, money orders, Discover, Mastercard and VISA for payments.  You can make a payment in person or you can make a payment over the phone with your Mastercard or VISA by calling 253-589-2489.

How can I find out what my account balance is and/or inquire about an invoice?

  • You may make your inquiry by calling Accounts Receivable at 253-983-7840 or 253-983-7714.

Where do I mail my payments for invoices?

  • City of Lakewood, Finance
    6000 Main Street SW
    Lakewood, WA 98499-5027

Can I pay for an invoice in person?

  • Yes, payments can be made at City Hall, 6000 Main Street SW, 1st floor, cashier window between 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.

How can I resolve my account in collection?

  • For non-municipal court related accounts, please contact Dynamic Collectors Inc. directly at 800-464-3457.  The City’s accounts receivable staff may be contacted at either 253-983-7840 or 253-983-7714 to assist you with a detailed explanation of your account activity.  However, payment will need to be processed through the collection agency.
  • For municipal court related accounts, please contact the Lakewood Municipal Court at 253-512-2258.

Accounts Payable

How do I inquire on the status of an invoice payment?

  • Vendors can request the status of payments by contacting Accounts Payable at 253-983-7778 or 253-983-7840 or contacting the department or employee whom requested the goods and/or services.
  • To expedite research, please have available detailed information such as:
    • Invoice number
    • Invoice date
    • Amount of invoice
    • Purchase order number
    • Contract number

Where do I mail invoices for payment?

  • Invoices should be mailed to the City department that ordered the goods/services.

When does the City of Lakewood issue checks?

  • The City of Lakewood prints checks the 15th and end of month.  If the 15th or last day of the month falls on a weekend or holiday, checks will be printed the business day before. Checks are mailed out the day of the check run.  Electronic deposits are available the following business day.

What do I do if a mailed check payment is not received?

  • If a vendor does not receive a mailed payment, it may be because it was mailed to the wrong address, lost in the mail, or stolen.
  • If an expected payment is not received, please contact Accounts Payable at 253-983-7778 or 253-983-7840. The City will research and identify the problem. Based on the outcome, you may be asked to submit one or more forms and/or documents, in order to receive a replacement check.

What must I do prior to submitting an invoice to the City of Lakewood for payment of work performed and/or goods delivered?

  • Generally before a vendor or contractor can begin any work for a City department, the vendor must have a valid purchase order or contract in place with the City of Lakewood. A vendor should not perform any work or deliver goods without having either in place first. A vendor must also have a valid business license with the City and a completed vendor form (PDF) on file before a purchase order will be issued.

How do I submit a valid invoice to the City of Lakewood?

  • A valid invoice must contain the following information:
    • Vendors’ information such as name and address
    • Department or City employee requesting the goods/services
    • Invoice number
    • Invoice date
    • Purchase order or contract number, if applicable
    • Description of items purchased
    • Quantity and unit price
    • Delivery charges, if applicable
    • Total amount due, including sales tax
    • Discount terms that may apply
    • Payee information if different from vendor information
  • All invoices submitted must be originals. No copies please.

I received a 1099 from the City of Lakewood and do not know what it is for.

  • Please contact Accounts Payable at 253-983-7778 or 253-983-7840.


Does the City of Lakewood impose a utility tax?

  • The City of Lakewood imposes a utility tax on all utilities (except water and sewer) operating in the City at a rate of 6% for cable, cellular, telephone, solid waste and stormwater and 5% on electric and natural gas. Utility companies are required to file and remit a monthly utility tax return to the City.

Does the City of Lakewood impose a gambling tax?

  • Yes, if you conduct any gambling activity on the premises, you must first obtain approval through the Washington State Gambling Commission. In addition, any business authorized by the Washington State Gambling Commission to operate social card games and/or expanded card room activities are required to obtain a City business license and file and remit a monthly gambling tax return to the City.

Does the City of Lakewood impose a B&O tax?

  • The City of Lakewood does not impose a business and occupation tax. However, any business operating in the City of Lakewood is required to apply for and obtain a state business license and a city business license.

Is there a tax imposed on the sale of real estate in the City of Lakewood?

  • Yes, all sales of real estate are taxed at a rate of 1.78%, of which the City receives 0.50%, and 1.28% goes towards state funding of K-12 education and public works assistance. The receipts from this tax must be spent solely on capital projects contained in the City Capital Facilities Plan (CFP). The City uses this funding source for transportation capital purposes.

What is the sales tax rate in the City of Lakewood?

  • The sales tax rate for businesses operating in the City of Lakewood is 10.0%. All businesses operating in the City of Lakewood must use tax code #2721 when filing their combined excise tax return with the State. The sales tax is paid to Washington State Department of Revenue through the remittance of the Combined State Excise Return. For more information visit the State of Washington Department of Revenue.

Financial Reports and Audits

Who audits the City of Lakewood’s financial statements?

  • Under state statute, all county and local government entities are audited by the State of Washington Auditors Office.  The state has a constituent referral program, whereby a citizen can report any observed illegal or inappropriate activities by an employee or agency.  For further information on the constituent referral program or to review a copy of an audit report, visit the state auditor’s website. The City of Lakewood’s MCAG number is 1110.

What type of financial reporting documents are prepared by the City?

  • The City of Lakewood prepares a biennial budget beginning in each odd year as well as interim financial reports on a quarterly basis. The quarterly financial reports (QFR) are reviewed by the full City Council on a quarterly basis at the City Council Study Session.
  • The City also prepares a Annual Comprehensive Financial Report annually that is audited by the state auditor’s office. This report is required to be completed by June 30th (six months after the last day of fiscal year). Audited reports are scheduled to be available in June.