4/8/2022 JBLM-North Update

Gravelly Lake Drive and Washington Blvd Roundabout Taking Shape

Phase 1 Construction

Gas, power and water main utilities have relocated. Crews have installed the curbs and sidewalk around the Gravelly Lake Drive and Washington Boulevard roundabout. Communication relocation is ongoing. There are still five communication poles in the way at the Washington/Interlaaken intersection, one pole at the Washington/Gravelly intersection, one pole at the Veterans/Gravelly intersection and four poles along Gravelly south of Nyanza which are inhibiting the completion of the work. One of the five lines on the poles at the Gravelly/Nyanza end of the project was relocated Friday. Four more communication companies need to relocate there prior to the contractor being able to perform any more work. One of which requires the communication company to cut across Gravelly Lake Drive. Traffic between Pacific Highway and Nyanza will be shifted during this operation.

Paving of all sections of Phase 1 is set for mid-May provided the communication companies can relocate in time for the contractor to complete the storm drainage, grading, and concrete work that they still need to complete prior to paving. If they are unable to complete the relocation in the time needed, the contractor will need to reschedule the paving and will move to Phase 2 construction earlier than anticipated. Phase 1 work will be completed as soon as all utilities are cleared out of the way. The contractor and City understand the burden that this work is placing on commuters and are doing everything possible to complete this section of Gravelly Lake Drive as expeditiously as possible.

Phase 2 Construction

The contractor will begin work on the detour route at the west end of the project. The detour for the project will be Kenwood from Vernon to Nottingham and Nottingham from Kenwood to North Gate Road. During the preparation, the contractor will widen the roads mentioned above and overlay them. Striping will then be completed so that the roads are ready to handle the traffic. Four-way stops will be added to the Kenwood/Edgewood and Kenwood/Vernon intersections. There are no expected delays due to the detour set in place for Phase 2. This work is expected to start as early as next week.