Housing Assistance

The City of Lakewood offers several programs to assist with home repairs, general home upgrades, or funding to buy a new home.

The City does not offer placement programs to help individuals find houses or apartments.

If you are currently homeless or in danger of becoming homeless: call 2-1-1 for help.

Jeff Gumm
Housing Program Manager
6000 Main St SW
Lakewood, WA 98499

(253) 983-7773
Email: JGumm
To email Jeff Gumm add his email handle before @cityoflakewood.us

Monday to Friday: 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


Tacoma Housing Authority Webinars

Each month the Tacoma Housing Authority hosts webinars related to landlord and tenant rights. Join the City of Tacoma Fair Housing Team to learn about the following topics:

  • May 11 Retaliation and Harassment.
  • June 8 What is Steering?
  • July 13 Advertising and Marketing
  • Aug.10 What to consider when renting to families with children.
  • Sept. 8 Accommodations for people with disabilities.
  • Oct. 12 update on VAWA and the additional protections that have been added for DV Victims in housing.

Please feel free to pre-submit questions by emailing [email protected]. Note: the length of the meetings will depend on how many attendees and questions received.

Rental Housing Safety Program

The Rental Housing Safety Program ensures that all rental units within city limits are safe. Rental property owners are required to register their property yearly with the City. On top of this, they must submit to inspections every five years.

Visit the city’s Rental Housing Safety Program website to register a property and learn about the inspection process. You may also contact the Rental Registration Specialist at [email protected].

If your rental unit is unsafe and requires immediate attention, email [email protected].


  • Ensure Lakewood’s rental housing meets specific life and fire safety standards;
  • Promote compliance with these standards so that the health and safety of tenants are not jeopardized;
  • Increase awareness and sharing of information related to rental housing standards among existing and future rental property owners, property managers, landlords, and tenants.

Program Updates

Assistance for Puyallup Tribal Members

Tribal members at or below the Area Median Income (AMI) may be eligible for rent and utility assistance.

Contact Tashina Smith at (253) 680-5990 to inquire.

Additional Resources:

Homeowner Assistance

Home Repair Assistance

The City has several programs to help low to moderate-income homeowners repair their homes. These programs address health & safety issues, code violations, and other problems.

Many repairs or improvements may be eligible. Examples include roof, electrical, plumbing, structural, window & door, insulation, heating, siding, appliance, and sewer repairs.

We offer loans with much lower interest than standard bank loans. Low-income households may be eligible for 0-1% interest rates. As these programs offer loans, participants are expected to repay funds. Terms may be tailored to meet borrower’s needs.

Contact Program Coordinator Martha Larkin at (253) 983-7754 for assistance.

Eligibility Table

CDBG/HOME Program Income Limits

Family Size30%
Median Income
Median Income
Median Income
Median Income

Rental Assistance

The city’s rental assistance programs are currently closed. Learn more about available programs through Pierce County’s Human Services department.

Mortgage Assistance

The City no longer offers down payment or mortgage assistance programs.

Utility Assistance

The City does not offer utility assistance. Utility providers may offer assistance. Visit the Utilities page to find contact information for local utility providers.

Eviction Information

Tacomaprobono Housing Justice Project

The City of Lakewood has funded Tacomaprobono to provide free legal aid to residents at risk of losing their homes to eviction.  For more information, visit the Tacomaprobono page.

If you have received an eviction summons or need free help with other housing issues, please contact Tacomaprobono.

Phone: 253-572-5134
Email: [email protected]

Other Resources
  • Eviction Resolution Pilot Program
    • The Eviction Resolution Pilot Program offers dispute resolution between landlords and tenants. This may help avoid an eviction.
    •  Visit the website or call 1-855-657-8387.
  • Dispute Resolution Center


Annual Housing Reports

Other Documents