A Thanksgiving Message

A note from Jim Kopriva, your Communications Manager.

Happy Thanksgiving, Lakewood.

We are thankful to serve you, sincerely.

I look around this building and see brilliance. I see our legal staff counseling victims of domestic violence. I see our housing staff helping families secure rental assistance to keep a roof overhead. I see our economic development staff meet personally with small businesses to solve problems.

I see our maintenance staff fixing potholes, sweeping streets, and getting ready for a busy winter of plowing. I see our recreation staff consistently plan and deliver exciting community events.

As I drive around Lakewood, I see our police officers helping at accident scenes and responding to calls. Did you hear that an LPD officer foiled a burglary last night?

I see our code enforcement and police respond personally to MyLakewood311 tickets. I see our Community Development staff planning for a brighter future and grappling with issues like housing affordability, homelessness, and climate change.

I see administrative staff winning award after award for transparent and technically sound financial reporting. I see our parks staff working to make our gorgeous parks enjoyable and accessible to every resident.

I see our Senior Activity Center staff hosting social events to engage our seniors. I see the South Sound Military & Communities Partnership (SSMCP) advancing important legislation to benefit military families.

Everywhere I look, I see City employees working with pride. They are motivated by the belief that they make a difference, and that their service to you is important. It is our duty, but also our privilege, to work for Lakewood.

I also see this conviction in our partners. I see it as West Pierce Fire & Rescue responds to local emergencies. I see it as Clover Park School District educates our youth. I see it as service clubs clean up graffiti, pull invasive weeds, and pick up litter.

I see it as Pierce County repairs a vital sewer main. I see it as the Pierce County Library serves literature, knowledge, and activities. I see it as local utilities work to keep the lights on and water flowing. I see it as LeMay Pierce County Refuse collects your garbage and hosts cleanup events.

I see it in Joint Base Lewis-McChord and the consistent excellence of the men and women serving our country. I see planes soaring. I hear artillery rumbling. I see their steady commitment to support the communities surrounding JBLM.

I see it from local tribes, stewards of the land we stand upon today and advocates for fairness, history, and environmentalism.

I see it from you. I see it as you speak your mind about issues and involve yourself in government. You want the best for Lakewood.

The more I write, the more I know that I’ll never do justice to the depth of good of this place. All I can do is express gratitude that we work for Lakewood, the proudest place on Earth.

– Jim