Hidden Heroes logo 2024 "Highlighting heroes in our community" with City of Lakewood and Clover Park School District logos

Celebrating Hidden Heroes

Jan. 18, 2024

Each year the City of Lakewood, in partnership with the Clover Park School District, celebrates “Hidden Heroes” to coincide with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day and Black History Month.

The goal of Hidden Heroes is to raise the visibility of Black and African American leaders in our community. The focus is on celebrating their accomplishments. To bring to light lesser-known individuals who have made a big impact on their local community, in their profession, or on the global scale.

Once again, this year we will highlight local leaders who have made a difference. These will be featured weekly starting Feb. 6, 2024 on the City of Lakewood website, the city’s Facebook page and with videos on the city’s Instagram account.

An email is also sent to those who sign up to receive Hidden Hero-specific emails.

To sign up to receive the emails you can either send an email to Lakewood Communications Manager Brynn Grimley, [email protected] with “Hidden Heroes” in the subject line. Or click this link to access the form and automatically sign yourself up.

By signing up you agree to receive emails from the City of Lakewood related to the Hidden Heroes campaign.