City Council Acknowledges Veterans with Proclamation

On Monday, Nov. 1, the Lakewood City Council signed a proclamation to commemorate November as Veterans Appreciation Month.

WHEREAS, members of the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, and Merchant Marine have answered a high calling to serve and have helped protect and secure the United State of America at every turn; and

WHEREAS, the United States of America’s veterans answered the call when asked to protect our nation from some of the most brutal and ruthless tyrants, terrorists and militaries the world has ever known; and our veterans stood tall in the face of grave danger and enabled our nation to become the greatest force for freedom; and

WHEREAS, our country is forever indebted to our veterans for their courage and exemplary service; and

WHEREAS, we honor those who laid down their lives in freedom’s defense and made the ultimate sacrifice for our benefit; and

WHEREAS, on Veterans Day, we salute the women and men who have proudly worn the uniform of the United States of America and the families who have served alongside them, and we affirm our sacred duty as citizens to express our enduring gratitude, both in words and actions, for their service; and

WHEREAS, these brave men and women and their selfless sacrifices continue to inspire us today as we work to advance peace and extend freedom around the world; and

WHEREAS, as many veterans face overwhelming unknowns, through community collaborations we can ensure that those who have served their nation receive the resources they deserve; and

WHEREAS, their abiding patriotism and enduring devotion to the ideals on which the United States is founded provides a source of permanent inspiration to ensure our unwavering support as a community; and

WHEREAS, through their commitment to freedom, our veterans have positively impacted millions of lives and made our country and the world more secure, and the City of Lakewood resolves that their sacrifices will always be remembered.

NOW, THEREFORE, the Lakewood City Council hereby proclaim November 11, 2021 as Veterans Day and the month of November 2021 as


in the City of Lakewood and encourages all residents to recognize the valor and sacrifice of our veterans and to actively support our local veterans and their family members.

PROCLAIMED this 1st day of November 2021.

Signed – Don Anderson, Mayor

Image by 2nd Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 2nd Infantry Division, Lakewood’s Community Connector unit at Joint Base Lewis-McChord.