Edgewater Park

Edgewater Park is a relatively undeveloped 1-acre linear park on the shore of Lake Steilacoom. The park includes a small boat ramp and grass area. It is largely used by residents of the surrounding neighborhood.

9102 Edgewater Drive SW

Edgewater Park

Creating the Edgewater Park Master Plan

The City of Lakewood created a master plan for the future of the site. The plan identifies future improvements and upgrades to the property. The plan was created with public input. Its creation allows the City to apply for outside grant funding to pay for necessary improvements. The park has largely been untouched since Lakewood incorporation in 1996.

Below is a timeline of improvements on site and development of the master plan, including the public engagement process.

  • 2004: The City worked with the state Department of Fish and Wildlife to replace the aging boat launch at Edgewater Park. Adjacent street improvements were not made at the time to change the access to the launch. 
  • 2018 – 2019: To prepare for a grant cycle to fund public park improvements, the City and members of the all-volunteer Parks and Recreation Advisory Board (PRAB) met with neighbors and community members. A series of meetings on-site and at City Hall were held to review site issues. City staff and advisory board members listened to community concerns. You can view the public comments here (PDF). Ideas for future improvements were also brainstormed. Several draft plans were created for review. Community members shared what they liked and disliked regarding each option. From this, a draft preferred master plan was created. 
  • 2019: The City began preliminary work to prepare the draft master plan for review and grant needs. A site survey identified several encroachment issues at the park. The most significant encroachment is at the south end of the site. 
  • 2020 – 2021: An arborist report was completed and dangerous trees were removed from the park. 
  • 2020 – 2023: The City began working with an adjacent property owner to identify issues and possible solutions. This work and conversation continued from 2020-2023. 
  • 2023: The Lakewood City Council authorized the acquisition of property for park improvement purposes.
  • 2023: City staff is reviewing and updating the draft master plan to prepare for future grant cycles to help pay for future improvements. Community input will be included. The volunteer Parks and Recreation Advisory Board will participate in that process. The board will ultimately provide a recommendation to the City Council for review and consideration in preparation of applying for various grants in 2024.  

Proposed Site Improvement Map

A map depicting proposed site improvements for the Edgewater Park area. The document is a draft of possible improvements.

The map identifies proposed improvements to Edgewater Park as outlined in the Master Plan for the park. Highlights include:

  • One-way traffic only between Foster and Sacramento streets (direction to be determined).
  • Pull-off parking improvements on Foster Street SW.
  • Replace the guardrail with wood timbers.
  • Shoreline acces/habitat improvements.
  • Addition of overlooks and fishing docks.
  • Boat launch upgrades with finger dock.
  • Wetland mitigation/interpretitive area.
  • Natural surface trail/walkway.
  • Mowed lawn/picnic area with picnic tables.
  • Trash recepticles.
  • Post-top lighting (100′ oc)
  • Removal of non-native trees and shrubs.
  • Extensive native tree and shrub wetland.
  • New tree and landscape plantings.
  • New rules and regulations signage.