Lakewood Parks

Lakewood’s Parks have a lot to offer. Our parks feature wildlife, beaches, playgrounds, sports fields, trails, and more. Use this directory to find your closest park, or the park that best fits your outdoor needs.

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City Parks

Active Park

This 2-acre park features a large open grass play area, a picnic shelter, playground equipment, and a basketball court. Portable bathrooms on site.

Visit the Active Park page for more information.

The sign for Active Park in front of the playset at Active Park

American Lake Park

This popular 5-acre park is located on the north shore of American Lake. It offers a picnic shelter, picnic tables, a swimming beach, a playground, a year-round restroom and a public boat launch.

Visit the American Lake Park page for more information.

The beach at American Lake park on a sunny day. There are lots of people playing in the water and sand and Mt. Rainier is in the background.

Blueberry Park

This natural area is 7.52 acres and includes a U-pick blueberry farm. In 2011 the City discontinued regular maintenance of this natural area and moved on to other park priorities. Access to the natural area is extremely limited.

Visit the Blueberry Park page for more information.

Red shrubs at Blueberry Park.

Chambers Creek Trail

Chambers Creek Regional Park is 930 acres with over two miles of shoreline. The area includes 2.5 miles of urban creek, canyon, mountain, and Puget Sound views. There is also an award-winning Environmental Services building on-site.

Visit the Chambers Creek Trail page for more information.

Leaves cover a trail going through a dense wooded area.

Edgewater Park

Edgewater Park is a relatively undeveloped 1-acre linear park on the shore of Lake Steilacoom. The park includes a small boat ramp and grass area. It is largely used by residents of the surrounding neighborhood.

Visit the Edgewater Park page for more information.

Trimmed grass overlooks calm water on a sunny evening at Edgewater Park.

Fort Steilacoom Park

Fort Steilacoom Park is Lakewood’s largest park. At 340 acres, there is plenty to do for anyone who comes for a visit. Whether you want to go on a nature walk, fly a drone, or let your dog off-leash for a while, Fort Steilacoom Park has it all.

Visit the Fort Steilacoom Park page for more information.

Fort Steilacoom Park H-Barn against a bright blue sky.

Harry Todd Park

Harry Todd Park is a 17-acre lakefront park in the Tillicum neighborhood of Lakewood, Washington. It features playfields, tennis and basketball courts, and picnic shelters. The lakefront area has been completely renovated for public use.

Visit the Harry Todd Park page for more information.

Three docks extending into the water at Harry Todd Park.

Kiwanis Park

This 3-acre park is home to Lakewood’s largest skate park. The 12,000 square-foot in-ground, concrete skate park is extremely popular with youth from around the region. The park also has play equipment, year-round restrooms, and a walking path.

Visit the Kiwanis Park page for more information.

Yellow and blue playset on bark.
Kiwanis Park Playground

Oakbrook Park

Oakbrook Park offers picnic areas, open space, and playground equipment.

Visit the Oakbrook Park page for more information.

A blooming cherry tree next to the swingset at Oakbrook park.

Ponders Park

Ponders Park is an urban linear park located in our Ponders Corner neighborhood. This is a great location to take a lunch break and enjoy the outdoors and food from nearby local restaurants. Site amenities include a picnic table and trash can.

Visit the Ponders Park page for more information.

A small grassy area with a red picnic table and a trash can.

Primley Park

This 0.17-acre pocket park is located in the center of a subdivision in central Lakewood.

Visit the Primley Park page for more information.

Children play on a playset at Primley Park on a sunny day.

Seeley Lake Park

This 47-acre park is located in the middle of Lakewood, however, it is owned and maintained by Pierce County. It has a loop trail surrounding woods and wetlands. This trail is popular with runners and walkers.

Visit the Seeley Lake Park page for more information.

A gravel trail cutting through a wooded area.

South Puget Sound Wildlife Area

The South Puget Sound Wildlife Area is a 100-acre open space with hiking and bike trails. Explore the Native plant gardens, have a picnic, or enjoy a calm walk. This area is maintained by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Visit the South Puget Sound Wildlife Area page for more information.

A moth with orange white stripes on it's wings sits on a flower.

Springbrook Park

This 3.5-acre park features a baseball field, a playground, two half-court basketball courts, and two picnic shelters available for rent. Springbrook Park is also home to the Springbrook community gardens. This is maintained and distributed by Springbrook residents.

Visit the Springbrook Park page for more information.

Bicyclists at Springbrook Park

Wards Lake Park

Wards Lake Park is a 22-acre natural area in Lakewood. The park has a fishing pier, playground, picnic shelter, walking trails, and beautiful scenery. The park is also home to abundant wildlife.

Visit the Wards Lake Park page for more information.

Washington Park

This 3.5-acre park features a youth baseball field with a base distance of up to 60 feet, a walking trail, playground equipment, picnic tables, and off-street parking.

Visit the Washington Park page for more information.

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