SMD Testing Procedures

City of Lakewood

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SMD Testing Procedures

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Testing for the Cities of Lakewood Speed Measuring Devices are done by Day Wireless Systems. Testing for the cities of DuPont, Steilacoom and University Place Speed Measuring Devices are done by Pierce County Radio Communications.

The Laser Program specifics:
Test Procedures consisting of
(1) Self test, initialization and display
(2) Scope alignment test is performed by aiming at a prominent target with definitive horizontal and vertical edges. A change in the pitch of the test tone when panning over the edges of test target indicates alignment accuracy.
(3) Fixed distance/Zero velocity and Delta distance tests are performed with 150′ and 175′ accurately measured reflective targets.
(4) Reference frequency test is measured through connection of the laser SMD download port to a frequency counter, which measures the actual timing accuracy of the SMD.

The Doppler program specifies:
Test procedures consisting of utilizing a precision Transmitter/Receiver (VOACR HR). The unit tuning fork/s is tested. The MPH plus output frequency of the fork/s is displayed and recorded for accuracy. In the stationary mode a single frequency is introduced to simulate target speed. In the moving mode two frequencies are introduced simultaneously to simulate target and patrol speeds. Utilizing precision mixer test unit (VOCAR HR) the frequency output/s of the listed SMD is measured for accuracy. Operational tests consists of power up, lamp test, ICT, Squelch, day/night, lock, remote, lock/release/hold, audio, low voltage, range, opp/same lane and fast mode. Above tests are recorded on a Performance report and provided for the agency.