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In totality, this project completely rebuilds a 3.5-mile stretch of road along the Washington Blvd/North Gate Rd/Edgewood Ave corridor from the western city limit to Gravelly Lake Drive. It also will rebuild a section of Vernon Avenue between Washington Boulevard and Veterans Drive. Gravelly Lake Drive will also see two sections rebuilt, one between Washington Boulevard and Veterans Drive and the second section just east of its intersection with Veterans Drive to Nyanza Road.

The project will be split into two phases:

JBLM North Access Project – Phase 1: This phase of the project will rebuild Gravelly Lake Drive between Washington Blvd and Nyanza, a total of 0.98 miles in length.

JBLM North Access Project – Phase 2: This phase of the project, which totals 1.61 miles, will make the following improvements add curb, gutter,
sidewalks (both sides), associated storm drainage, overlay, landscaping, bike lanes, and lighting along North Gate Road, Edgewood Drive, and Washington Blvd between Edgewood and Interlaaken

Learn more about the project and various phases here.