JBLM-North Access Update 10/8/21

Upcoming Detour Shift On Friday, 10/22/21 (provided the weather cooperates), the contractor will reopen Gravelly Lake Drive in all directions traffic for the weekend 10/22-10/24. Beginning Monday, 10/25/21, the contractor will close Nyanza Road (including the bypass that traffic is currently using to link between Nyanza and I-5/Pacific Highway) in order to tie in the Nyanza leg of the new roundabout to the existing roadway. This tie in will require the detour to reverse the course from the current detour flow (Gravelly Lake from Nyanza to Veterans will be open, but Nyanza will be closed from the south end of Gravelly to 127th). A map will be forthcoming on that first detour modification next week clarifying what will be happening. Following that tie in, the detour will reverse back to it’s current course until February 2022.

Paving of Gravelly Lake Drive between Pacific Highway and Veterans is still scheduled to occur during the week of 10/18/21.