July 9, 2021

Per the look-ahead schedule on this page, the water line will be placed in the next couple weeks. The water line will be placed in a trench, and the Contractor will have to cross the Tacoma Country Club (TCC) driveway. New water stubs will be placed perpendicular to the water line, and many of those stubs cross the entire length of the roadway.

Photo shows the Contractor's crew digging a trench to place the water line.

The plan sheet for the water line being placed in front of the TCC entrance is below. A blue line shows the location of the main line and several stubs. The water line from the match point at Nyanza Rd. SW to just beyond North Ave. along Gravelly Lake Dr. is anticipated to be installed on or before the weekend of July 16, 2021.

This single page out of the plans shows a specific location of the water line (in blue) as it is to be placed along Gravelly Lake Drive. Water stubs for home connection (light blue lines perpendicular to the main waterline) will be placed across the roadway.
Please take note of open trenches and crewmember instructions if travelling in the area to get to the Country Club or residences.