City of Lakewood snow plows lined up in a row showcasing the range of trucks the city has

Lakewood crews are prepared for snow

City of Lakewood snow plows lined up in a row showcasing the range of trucks the city has

Jan. 10, 2024

The forecast is ever-changing, but if it snows the City of Lakewood is ready.

The latest information from the National Weather Service in Seattle cites the possibility of small accumulations of snow Thursday into Friday. With the potential for cold temperatures into the weekend.

If it snows, our snowplows are ready to hit the road. Our sand trucks are loaded and ready for action. Our Operations and Maintenance team spent Wednesday preparing equipment for whatever Mother Nature throws our way.

If enough snow falls to require plowing, the city’s road team will drive pre-determined routes to clear main arterial roads first. Once those roads are cleared the crews will move to secondary routes. (See the maps below)

Most of Lakewood’s smaller residential streets will not be plowed. Residents should plan accordingly and drive for conditions.

Our crews will continue to watch the forecast and respond as needed, including throughout the weekend.

The city has seven trucks to plow its 431-lane miles of roads. That includes three dump trucks with plows and the ability to spread salt from the back, and four, 1-ton trucks with attachable plows. We have the ability to spread salt from the back of the pickup truck on three of these trucks.

In total the city has a 10,000-gallon brine tank and salt in reserve ready to respond if icy conditions materialize.

Drivers are reminded to slow their speeds for conditions. Give extra following distance between vehicles. And give yourself extra time to reach your destination.

If you come up on a plow, please do not pass it. Passing a plow in action impacts the plow driver’s ability to clear the road. If a plow comes up behind you, please move over to the left if you are able and let it pass, then fall in behind at a safe distance.

Map of ice and snow priority clearing routes