Map of the city of Lakewood, WA's priority snow and ice response routes

Lakewood crews on standby over the weekend for potential snow

Jan. 11, 2020

The National Weather Service forecast is gaining confidence that the Pierce County region could see some light snowfall or ice as the weekend draws to a close.

In response, beginning Sunday night the city’s Operations & Maintenance crews will begin 12 hour shifts so that we have around the clock responses ready.

If we see rain Sunday night instead of snow, the cold front expected to roll into the area could mean icy roads. Our crews will be out laying salt on the roads Sunday night, as long as it is dry enough, to help reduce trouble spots for the morning commute.

We’ll continue to watch the forecast as the week goes on and respond as needed.

The city has seven trucks to plow its 431-lane miles of roads. That includes three dump trucks with plows and the ability to spread sand from the back, and four, 1-ton trucks with attachable plows. Three sanders are available for these 1-ton trucks that distribute sand from the pickup bed. 

In total the city has a 10,000-gallon brine tank and 150 to 200 tons of salt in reserve ready to respond.

Drivers are reminded to slow their speeds for conditions, give extra following distance between vehicles and give yourself extra time to reach your destination. If you come up on a plow, please do not pass as it hinders the plow’s ability to clear the road. If a plow comes up behind you, please move over to the left if you are able and let it pass, then fall in behind at a safe distance.

Map of the city of Lakewood, WA's priority snow and ice response routes