Lakewood Climate Change Public Perception Report

The City of Lakewood has begun a resident survey to assess opinions of climate change.

In 2021, the City of Lakewood engaged students at the UW Evans School to survey residents about their opinions on climate change. The survey would assess residents’ degree of concern and what evidence and effects they have noticed. The City of Lakewood received the report on May 23, 2022. You can view the Report here.

The City invited the public to participate and offer their opinions about climate change. The survey was part of a renewed emphasis on environmental measures at the City of Lakewood. In 2020, an Energy & Climate Change chapter was added to the City’s Comprehensive Plan. The City also established a Climate Change Work Plan to prioritize environmental efforts.

The Report was presented to the Lakewood Planning Commission and City Council on May 23, 2022 You can view the discussion at Council here. The meeting materials are available here.

The survey will be followed by an environmental justice assessment, which will investigate inequalities in air quality, tree coverage, and other areas throughout Lakewood.