AA Meats owner Tammy Faelnar poses with the Lakewood City Council after receiving the November 2023 Business Showcase

November Business Showcase: AA Meats

Nov. 9, 2023

Since 1955 AA Meats has been a reliable business staple of Lakewood, and it remains so in 2023. Although she is not the original owner, Tammy Faelnar has worked at the traditional meat market for 34 years and has owned it for 17.

This has given her plenty of time to watch the city, the customers and herself grow, which is something that makes her proud. “I have watched customers come in when they’re just little kids, go through high school, leave and do their thing and then come back with their kids,” said Faelnar in our interview. She also mentioned her infectious laugh, claiming that her regulars can recognize her simply by the sound.

It takes a long time to build relationships this strong. From summer barbeque cookouts to holiday family meals, AA Meats has had the time and dedication to provide countless memorable meals to the Lakewood community while engraining themselves in the history of the city.

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