Pierce County Superior Court to participate in pilot Eviction Resolution Program

Many landlords and tenants have been negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Currently there are both federal and state mandates in place prohibiting evictions based on the nonpayment of rent.  Once those mandates end, Pierce County expects a large number of eviction cases to be filed in Superior Court. 

To address this anticipated increase in eviction cases, Pierce County Superior Court has established a no cost Eviction Resolution Program (ERP) which will require parties to engage in problem-solving steps before the cases come to court.  

The ERP is being offered at no cost.  It is funded from federal CARES Act monies. 

In Pierce County, Tacoma-Pierce County Housing Justice Project and Pierce County Center for Dialogue and Resolution are providing the staffing for this program. 

Learn more about the ERP here and Pierce County’s participation in this program here.