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November proclaimed Native American Heritage Month

On Monday, November 16, 2020 the Lakewood City Council virtually honored indigenous peoples with a proclamation making November Native American Heritage Month.

The full proclamation can be read here. The full Lakewood City Council meeting can be viewed here:

The proclamation by the Lakewood City Council recognizes that the Nisqually and Steilacoom people were the first inhabitants of what is now the city of Lakewood and that a history of dispossession has allowed for the growth of the Lakewood community throughout the years.

The proclamation also recognized Lakewood’s commitment to respect and preserve the traditions and culture and to honor the unique heritage of the City’s first inhabitants.

The City is currently working with the Nisqually Tribe on an interpretative project in Fort Steilacoom Park that celebrates the importance of the Nisqually’s culture and heritage in our community.

Every community owes its existence and vitality to generations from around the world who contributed their hopes, dreams, and energy to making the history which led to this moment.  The City would like to recognize that we are on the lands of the Nisqually People, and acknowledge the history of dispossession that allowed for the growth of our community. We offer respect to the Nisqually People and their Elders, past, present, and emerging.  We recognize our responsibility to value all people, and are committed to equitably serving all people in our diverse community.   

City of Lakewood’s Indigenous people and lands acknowledgement