Public Comment Invited on JBLM 2022 Growth Coordination Plan

Public open house to be held July 26.

LAKEWOOD, Wash. – The South Sound Military and Communities Partnership (SSMCP) seeks public input in the development of a 2022 Growth Coordination Plan for Joint Base Lewis-McChord and the surrounding region at an upcoming Virtual Open House to be held on Monday, July 26, from 12:00-1:00 pm.

The 2022 Growth Coordination Plan will consider and address how regional conditions have changed between 2010 to the present. The plan will guide SSMCP priorities and improve communication between JBLM leadership and community leaders. A final regional action plan will be released in spring of 2022 and to be implemented by SSMCP.

“Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM) and its surrounding communities are bound together. Strong, supportive communities enhance the lives of military personnel and families by providing healthy neighborhoods, schools, recreation, and other services. In turn, JBLM strengthens the regional economy, spurring demand for retail, services, and jobs.”
– Bill Adamson, SSMCP Program Manager

The 2022 Growth Coordination Plan will help preserve this mutually beneficial relationship and will involve partnerships with JBLM, the Nisqually Indian Tribe, local cities and counties, corporate and small business leaders, non-profits, and other stakeholders. Input from the public is vital to the success of this plan. With help from the community, the Growth Coordination Plan will be a progressive and action-oriented plan to advance the health and economy of JBLM and the broader South Puget Sound region.

The Virtual Open House will include background information, maps, posters, and a public survey for stakeholder input. The session is designed for civilians, service members, veterans and interested citizens. The open house will be held via Zoom. Event access information will be provided on the project website.

Visit the project website at to view project updates, submit comments, and receive notifications of future public participation opportunities.