Lakewood Non-Motorized Transportation Plan

The city of Lakewood is updating its non-motorized transportation plan. The plan was adopted in 2009. Since then, the city has made numerous improvements to its roads. This includes a concerted effort to build sidewalks and shared-use paths.

These infrastructure investments need to be added to the plan. The update will add the improvements and update the plan to reflect anticipated projects. The plan will not be rewritten. Instead, the existing document will be updated.

About the Non-Motorized Transportation Plan

Lakewood’s non-motorized transportation plan provides comprehensive direction for how the city will enhance pedestrian and bicycle connectivity within its urban areas. This effort was initiated by the City of Lakewood to address its comprehensive plan goal to “provide safe, convenient, inviting routes for bicyclists and pedestrians.”

A primary focus of the non-motorized plan is to identify critical gaps in the city’s current pedestrian and bicycle system, and possible projects to fill those gaps.

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Get involved

Graphic of three people riding bicycles down a tree-lined street with Non-Motorized Transportation Plan Update and a city of Lakewood logo. Visit to take survey.

Public involvement will shape part of the update. Residents can take an online survey to share their opinions about the city’s pedestrian and bicycle network.

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When will the work be done?

It is anticipated the update will be completed in the first quarter of 2023.

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