Springbrook Park to Undergo Improvements in 2022, 2023

Lakewood’s Springbrook Park will undergo improvements through early 2023. New additions include a dog park, walking paths, new basketball courts, and a pump track. The park’s community garden will be moved and enlarged.

660 feet of shoreline along Clover Creek will be restored to improve water quality. The park’s entrance will be more welcoming after a new sign is installed and after new sidewalks are added around the community garden.

Walkers will enjoy a long trail loop around the playfield and dog park. Cyclists and skateboarders will enjoy the pump track. Athletes will enjoy the expanded playfield and new basketball court. Gardeners will enjoy an expanded community garden. All visitors will enjoy improved access and a cleaner, more welcoming experience.

After construction, Springbrook Park will be more welcoming for human visitors and for wildlife.

Visitors might expect occasional closures and disruptions at the park throughout 2022 and early 2023. Construction is expected to conclude by mid-2023.

Planned improvements for Springbrook Park include a walking trail, a new basketball court, a pump track, and an off-leash dog area.