On-going: Service Club Sign

Project Description: As an alternative to placing numerous ‘service club’ signs on any of the gateway monument signs or at other multiple locations in the city’s rights-of-way, an alternative standalone sign was developed recognizing and promoting the numerous organizations within the City.  The sign will be installed along Bridgeport Way near the entrance to the Town Center.  Estimated Cost: $25,000 Project Status: Anticipated …

On-going: Gateways – Woodbrook

Project Description: The city continues the work started in 2015 to improve Lakewood Gateways.  First Impressions matter!  There are 14 different ways to access and enter the Lakewood community and each of the access points (gateways) are different and leave a different impact and impression with those who pass by to visit, shop, or play.   The city is taking advantage and …

On-going: Gateways – Tillicum

Project Description: The city continues the work started in 2015 to improve Lakewood Gateways.  First Impressions matter!  There are 14 different ways to access and enter the Lakewood community and each of the access points (gateways) are different and leave a different impact and impression with those who pass by to visit, shop, or play.   The city is taking advantage and …

Edgewater Park

Design: Edgewater Park Master Plan

Project Description: This project will recommend improvements to Edgewater Park, the only public boat launch on Lake Steilacoom.  The boat launch at this site is steep with little to no adjacent parking.  The 1 acre linear park is relatively undeveloped.  The City worked with neighborhood groups to develop a master site plan for park improvements. Improvements will include passive site amenities, …

Seeley Lake Park

Design: Seeley Lake Park Improvement Study

Project Description: The city is working on this project with Pierce County, the owner of Seeley Lake. The project will improve storm water controls, public access, and safety upgrades for Seeley Lake Park. Estimated Cost: $150,000 for improvement study. Lakewood’s contribution is $50,000. Project Status: SCJ Alliance was hired to provide wetland and habitat assessments, surveying services, and preliminary design …

American Lake

On-going: American Lake Shelter

Project Description: A larger group picnic shelter will be built on the east side of the park to accommodate more people and to anticipate future removal and replacement of the current restroom building. Estimated Cost: $65,000, includes a $35,000grant from Pierce County Project Status: Anticipated to be completed Fall 2020.

American Lake

On-going: American Lake Improvements Phase II

Project Description: American Lake Park is heavily used in the spring and summer season as it provides access to water on American Lake. A master plan was created in 2007 and updated in 2020 that included a boat launch renovation, accessibility upgrades, replacing the current restroom structure and playground, reconstructing deteriorated retaining walls, and adding interpretive signs and a new group …

Wards Lake

On-going: Wards Lake Property Acquisition & Improvements

Project Description: : Wards Lake Park is a 26 acre outstanding natural area in a densely populated area.  Wards Lake, the parks namesake, consists of a freshwater pond of 6.34 acres and two freshwater forested-schrub wetlands that total 4.5 acres; the larger wetlands, once known as Owens Marsh, is 3.75 acres. In addition to providing important habitat for birds, fish, and …

On-going: Springbrook Park Clover Creek Restoration

Project Description: This project continues city efforts to improve the quality of life for residents in the Springbrook neighborhood. This project will help restore the ecosystem along approximately 660 linear feet of shoreline, improve water quality, and create a healthy place for Springbrook residents. Restoration efforts will improve the biodiversity of native and aquatic plants and improve water quality within this …

Pavilion at Fort Steilacoom Park in Lakewood, WA at sunset with a band performing on stage and a crowd seated in multi-color folding chairs on the grass enjoying the show.

On-going: Fort Steilacoom Park Pavilion Phase II

Project Description: The Pavilion in the Park was created to provide a special place for community events, gatherings and celebrations.  This project will add two restrooms and warming kitchen to the Pavilion. Estimated Cost: $157,822 Project Status: Construction anticipated to begin Fall, 2020. The project is anticipated to be completed by Winter 2020.

Design: Chambers Creek Trail Development

Project Description:  The cities of Lakewood and University Place along with Pierce County are working together on the Chambers Creek Trail Project.   The land is owned by the Pierce County with sections of the trail(s) and trail heads located in University Place and Lakewood. When complete, this project will result in a 2.5 mile trail through the creek. Estimated …

Fort Steilacoom Park sign

Design: Fort Steilacoom Turf Infields

Project Description: In recent years the city has made major improvements at Fort Steilacoom Park to support youth sports. The baseball fields at Fort Steilacoom Park serve youth and adults throughout Pierce, Thurston and South King Counties, and are also home to the Lakewood Baseball Club. Often baseball tournament organizers select tournament locations where they are assured a full day or …

On-going: Fort Steilacoom Park/Angle Lane South Improvements

Project Description: Fort Steilacoom Park is the most popular park in our system.  Parking and access to the park off Elwood Dr SW at the south end of Angle Lane is limited resulting in illegal parking and unauthorized access into the park. This project includes the construction of a new parking lot, signage, and trail head improvements near Elwood Dr SW; …

Harry Todd Park

On-going: Harry Todd Park Waterfront Improvements- Phase I/ Phase II

Project Description: Harry Todd Park is the only public open space in the Tillicum neighborhood area. The waterfront area is not ADA accessible, the docks are aging and the playground is over 15 years old and in need of replacement.  Multiple grants for both phases have been awarded through the State Recreation and Conservation Office (RCO). As a result, the planning, …

Springbrook Park

Completed: Springbrook Park Exercise Equipment

Project Description: Springbrook Connections, a local neighborhood group, applied and were awarded a grant from the Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department to add fitness equipment to the updated playground structure.  Estimated Cost: $10,000 from Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department Project Status: Completed December, 2018.

Springbrook Park

Completed: Springbrook Park Acquisition Phase II

Project Description: The city acquired two parcels adjacent to Springbrook Park to add .75 acres to the existing Park. The park is now a total of 6.75 acres.  Estimated Cost: $759,000 Project Status: Completed April 30, 2019.

Completed: Oakbrook Park Improvements

Project Description: The 15 year old playground was replaced thanks to a contribution from Pierce County. Estimated Cost: $50,000 Project Status: Completed spring 2019.