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Domestic Violence

Domestic abuse can happen to anyone. An abuser might be a partner, spouse, sibling, parent, or household member.

Domestic abuse doesn’t have to be physical. It can involve financial control, manipulation, intimidation, or threats. It can involve sexual abuse.

When someone makes you do something using threats, manipulation, or force – that is domestic violence.

If you or someone you know is in danger, call or text 911.

You may now file a Domestic Violence Protection Order online via PC, smartphone, tablet, or other devices. Click here for more information.

Call For Help
Ask for Protection

Call For Help

Crystal Judson Family Justice Center
(253) 798-4166

Legal help, safety planning, and assistance for Pierce County victims.

(253) 966-7233

Assistance for active military members, spouses, and dependants.

Our Sister’s Home
(253) 383-4275

Culturally-specific support for Black women and girls.

Catherine Place
(253) 572-3547

Spanish-speaking support for victims who identify as women.

Korean Women’s Association (KWA)
(253) 359-0470

24/7 hotline for crisis intervention and safety planning in Korean & English.

24/7 Hotline: (253) 383-2593
Family law legal help, children support groups, shelter, and therapy.

Ask for Protection

You may request a “Domestic Violence Order for Protection” to stop an abuser from hurting you, living with you, or contacting you or your children. File for this order if your abuser is a spouse, partner, family member, or roommate.

You may request an “Anti-Harassment Order” if a stranger, coworker, or other person is threatening you.