High-Speed Trains Have Resumed Service through Lakewood

Amtrak high-speed passenger train service resumed along the Point Defiance Bypass on Thursday, Nov. 18.

Several trains will now pass through Lakewood daily. These trains do not stop at Lakewood stations. These passenger trains travel at speeds up to 80 miles per hour – much faster than typical freight traffic.

Because train traffic and train speed will both increase, safety at crossings is essential. Drivers and pedestrians should respect crossing alarms and keep clear of tracks. Never drive around a crossing gate to race a train – they are moving much faster than they appear.

According to Amtrak’s daily schedule, trains will pass through Lakewood around the following times:

  • *trains may arrive before or after these estimated times*
  • ~8:15 a.m. (southbound)
  • ~10:20 a.m. (northbound)
  • ~10:45 a.m. (southbound)
  • ~2:00 p.m. (northbound)
  • ~3:05 p.m. (southbound)
  • ~6:08 p.m. (northbound)
  • ~7:35 p.m. (southbound)
  • ~9:25 p.m. (northbound)

Earlier this week, the City of Lakewood published a brief safety reminder and a list of safety guidelines from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

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