Black and green remote airplane flying low over the ground

RC Fly area at Fort Steilacoom Park

Fort Steilacoom Park offers a place for radio control aircraft enthusiasts to fly their aircraft safely in a designated area. RC pilots may park in the dedicated lot along Angle Lane. Pilots must keep their aircraft within the boundaries of the designated flight area and follow park rules.

Rules for Flying Aircraft
Map of Flight Area


The RC fly area will be closed for special events on the following dates:

  • Tuesdays for the Farmers Market
  • August 31st for a Special Event
  • September 3rd for a Special Event

Radio Control Aircraft Rules

Please respect the park and others using this area.

  • Electric powered radio controlled aircraft only.
  • Pilots assume all risk related to the use of the radio control aircraft area and assume all responsibility for any damage or injury caused by their model.
  • Flying outside of established area is prohibited.
  • Aircraft must be kept in line of sight at less than 400 feet altitude.
  • Pilots flying in “First Person View” must have a spotter.
  • Pilots must avoid flying over people in and around the area.
  • Pilots shall maintain control during the entire flight and operate in a safe manner.
  • Max aircraft weight is 15 pounds.
  • Aircraft shall not exceed an 84 decibel sound level at full throttle.
  • All spectators must remain behind flying area at all times.
  • Flying for commercial use is prohibited.
  • Pilots will clean up the area when finished flying.
  • All Academy of Model Aeronautics Association (AMA) rules apply at this site and participation in the AMA is recommended. To find out more check out
  • The city can close this area to flying at any time for safety or to support other needs.
  • Safety of all park users should always be the #1 priority of RC fly area users.
  • The City is not responsible for lost or damaged drones
  • The City cannot use staff or public resources to remove drones from trees or other areas
  • Anyone flying drones outside the established area or while area is closed may be restricted from future use of this area in the future.

Complete park rules and regulations can be found in Lakewood Municipal Code under 08.76.100.

Map of Fly Zone