A boat in Waughop Lake administering alum treatments

Waughop Lake alum treatment concludes

March 25, 2020

A boat with five white barrels on top to administer alum treatment in Waughop Lake in Lakewood, WA

On Wednesday, March 25, 2020 the city’s contractor HAB Aquatic Solutions completed its first application of aluminum sulfate and the pH buffering agent sodium aluminate to Waughop Lake in Fort Steilacoom Park.

Crews performed the work under a state Department of Ecology permit. The alum treatment was applied to limit excess phosphorus in the lake.

There are no swimming or recreation restrictions around the lake, however the lake is currently off-limits to the public due to all city of Lakewood parks being closed in response to COVID-19, and under the governor’s two week Stay Home, Stay Healthy order.

Crews began treatment Tuesday and concluded a day later. The green color of the water is normal and will dissipate, according to the contractor.

A second application may be necessary in a few months.