Summer Safety: Heat, Fires, Fireworks, Boating, Swimming

Before you cannonball into summer, let’s catch up on a few important safety topics.


Preparing for Extreme Heat by
Pierce County cooling centers and heat wave information.

Extreme summer heat can be dangerous to human and animal health.

  • Prepare in advance – identify a cool-down location should the heat become unbearable. Review heat risk conditions on the NWS Website.
  • Hydrate – drink more water and fewer alcoholic, sugary, or caffeinated drinks.
  • Limit sun exposure – limit your activity during peak heat hours between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.
  • Practice fire safety – hot and dry conditions are prime wildfire conditions.
  • Protect your pets – prepare for heat waves by combing or grooming your animal, and remember that hot asphalt can be painful for pets. Never leave a pet in a hot car.
  • Protect your skin – Wear a sun hat and and a lightweight long-sleeve shirt to protect yourself from intense sun. Apply sunscreen.
  • Check on loved ones – Reach out to vulnerable persons to ensure their safety during intense heat.


Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department water quality checker.

Lakewood is home to five lovely lakes – swimming is a local pastime. You are free to swim at your own risk in public lakes. For your own safety, please follow park rules.

  • No lifeguards are on duty
  • Stay within the designated swimming area
  • Beginner or non-swimmers should stay within the shallow water buoy line with adult supervision
  • Adult supervision is required for all children in and near water.
  • Swimmers wearing flotation devices must stay within the shallow water buoy line
  • No floats or large inflatables are allowed in the swim area
  • No fishing from boat launch or docks or in swimming area
  • No jumping, diving, or swimming from any dock, boat launch, or fishing pier.
  • No running, pushing or rough play on the docks
  • Stay off buoys, ropes and pilings
  • Do not pretend or give false indication of drowning
  • Follow all posted park rules
  • No alcohol is allowed at City of Lakewood parks
  • Keep pets leashed and away from the beach, water, and docks


2022 Boat Launch Pass and Information
Chapter 79A.60 RCW – Regulation of Recreational Vessels

There are several public boat launches with access to Steilacoom Lake and American Lake. Before you boat, please quickly review your equipment, review the law, and discuss safety with your guests.


Washington State Patrol published a list of which fireworks are legal and illegal.
West Pierce Fire & Rescue fireworks safety tips and laws.

Fireworks are only allowed around the Independence Day holiday in Lakewood. Observe safety and fire precautions when igniting.

  • Discharge of fireworks is prohibited except on Independence Day:
    • July 4: 11 a.m. – 11 p.m.
  • Use only fireworks categorized as legal by Washington State Patrol.
  • Fireworks should be inaccessible to children and lit only by adults
  • Once lit, move away quickly
  • Do not re-ignite “duds”
  • Always be prepared to extinguish a fire
  • Light fireworks at least 25′ from structures
  • Do not light near flammable materials or dry grass or foliage.
  • Fireworks are prohibited on any fire district, school district, city park or city property.
  • Fireworks may not be sold to any person younger than 16 years.


West Pierce Fire & Rescue outdoor burning safety tips and laws.

Wildfires can happen anywhere. Be smart about burning, especially during extreme heat and dry summers.

  • The Pierce County Fire Marshal issues burn bans for our region. Check this page for burn ban information
  • Burning of trash and yard debris is illegal
  • Cooking and recreational fires are allowed
    • Must be less than 3′ wide or 2′ tall
    • Must be 25′ from flammable material
    • Light fires only on noncombustible surfaces
    • Check for overhanging structures or foliage