Lakewood Alert

The City of Lakewood uses an emergency alert service: Lakewood Alert. Subscribers may receive text and email alerts in the event of an emergency. Subscribers may also sign up for important non-emergency updates.

Why should I sign up?

Lakewood Alert will notify you in the event of an emergency, natural disaster, or serious threat. You and your loved ones may receive important instructions for your safety.

What kind of alerts will I receive?

You have the option to subscribe to two alert types: Emergency and Non-Emergency

  • Emergency: Community-wide emergencies that may endanger the general public.
    • Natural disaster
    • Extreme weather, hazardous conditions
    • Riot, widespread protest
    • Dangerous crimes in progress
  • Non-Emergency: Non-emergency notifications, general updates.
    • Road closures or major construction
    • Inclement weather expected
    • Upcoming events

How do I sign up, change my settings, or unsubscribe?

SIGN UP: Visit the link below and provide your name, phone, email address, and location. You may remove your phone or email information if you wish to receive only one type of notification.

Providing a location is important. Some emergencies only threaten a small area. In these situations, the City may issue a limited alert to nearby subscribers. Local alerts are based on information provided by users – user location is not tracked.

Users have the option to provide multiple locations (i.e. work and home) or subscribe a family member to alerts.

Under phone and email, leave “General Notifications” checked to receive non-emergency alerts in addition to emergency alerts. If you already have an account and wish to adjust your settings, use the same link.

CHANGE SETTINGS OR UNSUBSCRIBE: Visit the link above and log in to change your settings. You may reply to a text alert with “STOP” to unsubscribe. You may click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of an emergency email to stop receiving email alerts.

Should I sign up for neighboring cities’ systems?

Yes, we recommend signing up for Steilacoom, Tacoma, and University Place alerts.

Lakewood Alerts only reach our borders. For complete knowledge of local emergencies, sign up for Steilacoom, Tacoma, and University Place alerts.

You do not have to sign up for all levels of alerts in every community.

What types of incidents would the City alert me to?

The following incidents occurred in 2021. These are examples of incidents that Lakewood would have alerted you about if we had a notification system at the time.

  • HazMat Fire: Emergency
    • A warehouse caught fire, burning hazardous materials. Residents would have been notified to shelter in place if within 1/2 mile of the area. Residents would have been notified of potentially hazardous smoke.
  • Active Shooter Scene: Emergency
    • A suspect fired multiple shots. Residents would have been instructed to avoid the area. Nearby residents would have been instructed to shelter in place.
  • Police Standoff: Emergency
    • A suspect and police engaged in a potentially volatile standoff. Residents would have been instructed to avoide the scene and seek alternative routes.
  • Major Traffic Issue: Non-Emergency
    • Steilacoom Boulevard closed suddenly due to a sewer main collapse. Residents would have been notified of the closure and detours.
  • Major Fire: Non-Emergency
    • A fire broke out on Gravelly Lake Drive. Residents would have been notified of the hazard, closure, and detour.
  • Major Police Presence: Non-Emergency
    • Police set up a containment area to search for a suspect. Residents would have been notified to avoid the area.
  • Event Notice: Non-Emergency
    • Events like SummerFest or a Community Cleanup are approaching. Residents would be notified and sent a link with more information.
  • Event Cancellation: Non-Emergency
    • The 25th Anniversary was postponed due to weather. Residents would have been notified of the new date.
  • Event Traffic Effects: Non-Emergency
    • The Holiday Light Parade and SummerFest may cause local traffic backups. Residents would be notified in advance of the event and traffic effects.
  • Local Crime Trend: Non-Emergency
    • LPD notices a rash of vehicle prowls in a neighborhood. Residents would be notified and reminded to submit tips.