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Community Services Advisory Board

The Community Services Advisory Board holds public hearings to identify community and housing needs. They then make recommendations to the City Council on the best use of money to meet those needs.


The Community Services Advisory Board assists the City Council in the following areas:

A. Conduct Public Hearings:
To identify community and housing needs
2) To review the allocation of money to human services and programs.

B. Recommend to the City Council:
 Which community service programs to fund
2) Funding for the development of housing program strategies
3) Funding for human services


Current Members
  • Denise Nicole Franklin
  • Kyle Franklin
  • Michael Lacadie
  • Laurie Maus
  • Edith Owen-Wallace
  • Councilmember TBD (Council Liaison)
Member Responsibilities

Committee members must attend regular meetings. If members miss three or more meetings, they may be dismissed by City Council.

Board members must vote on various business decisions. A majority vote is required to follow through with any decisions.

Requirements for Membership

The members of the Advisory Board are appointed members of the public. They are chosen based on their representation of those affected by the Advisory Board’s decisions.

How to Join

Members are appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by City Council

Agendas and Minutes

Meetings are held on the third Wednesday monthly at 5:30 p.m.