Fort Steilacoom Park

Fort Steilacoom Park is Lakewood’s largest park. At 340 acres, there is plenty to do for anyone who comes for a visit. Whether you want to go on a nature walk, fly a drone, or let your dog off-leash for a while, Fort Steilacoom Park has it all.

8714 87th Ave SW, Lakewood, WA 98498

A summer concert at the Fort Steilacoom Park Pavilion
About Fort Steilacoom Park
Facility Rentals

About Fort Steilacoom Park

Fort Steilacoom Park brings in more than 1 million visitors yearly. This is due to its many amenities and rich history. The park, and surrounding land that is now developed, was used by the Nisqually and Steilacoom Indian tribes as a food source. It was also a gathering place before settlers and fur traders moved into the region.

During the Civil War, Fort Steilacoom hosted Army lieutenants and Captains who played major roles in the war. In more recent history, the property was used as a farm maintained by patients at Western State Hospital.

Fort Steilacoom Park was previously owned by the State of Washington. However, in 2018, the State Legislature transferred ownership to Lakewood. This was to continue Lakewood’s longstanding tradition of maintaining and improving the beloved park.


Fort Steilacoom Park amenities include:

  • Expansive Trail System
  • Sports fields (baseball, softball, and soccer)
  • Permanent orienteering course
  • Drone/RC flight area
  • Off-Leash Dog Parks
  • Picnic Shelters
  • Year-round bathrooms
Trail System:

The trail system at Fort Steilacoom Park is perfect for any activity or skill level. More experienced runners can use the dedicated 5k route, while those looking for a relaxing walk can use the 1-mile long paved Waughop Lake Trail.

Waughop Lake Trail Information

Waughop Lake Trail loops Waughop Lake in the heart of our 340-acre Fort Steilacoom Park. Paved and expanded in 2017, the nearly 1-mile trail features lake views and is ideal for strollers, bicycles, and all skill levels.

The trail is used for walking, nature trips, and birding and is accessible year-round. There are benches along the walking path, two docks, and Discovery Trail educational signs detailing the history of the location. Dogs are allowed but must be kept on a leash.

Drone/RC Flight Area:

Fort Steilacoom offers a large area for drone or RC enthusiasts to fly their aircraft. Click the button below to see a map of the flight area.

Off-Leash Dog Park:

The Fort Steilacoom Dog Park has 22 acres of fenced, off-leash open space located near the historic barns and Waughop Lake Trail. Click the button below for more information.

Permanent Orienteering Course:

Orienteering is a fun way to get outdoors while using problem-solving skills. Use a map and a compass to find the way through Fort Steilacoom’s orienteering course as fast as you can. Click the button below for more information from the Cascade Orienteering Club.

Events at Fort Steilacoom Park

The City of Lakewood uses Fort Steilacoom Park to host events year-round. Check out some of these events below, or visit the City Events Page to see all events.

Lakewood Farmer’s Market:

Enjoy warm weather, fresh produce, food truck treats, and wonderful memories at the Lakewood Farmers Market. Now on Tuesdays, the market features a rich selection of vendors and tons of activities for kids and families. For more information, visit the Lakewood Farmer’s Market page.

Summer Nights at the Pavilion Concerts

Set up lawn chairs or throw down a blanket and enjoy live music at Fort Steilacoom Park! Our outdoor concerts follow the Lakewood Farmers Markets on Tuesdays this summer. Bring a snack from the market, claim your spot, enjoy a great performance, and “cut a rug” on the dance floor. For concert schedule and more information, visit the Summer Nights at the Pavilion page.

Lakewood SummerFest

Every year, Lakewood hosts a Summer Festival at Fort Steilacoom Park. Thousands visit Lakewood every year to enjoy this summer spectacle. Be dazzled by classic cars, amazed by international performances, and delighted by unique flavors. For more information, visit the Lakewood SummerFest page.

Facility Rentals

Interested in holding your event at Fort Steilacoom Park? We have five shelters available to rent, as well as our Pavilion. All of our sports fields are also available. Please visit our Shelter Rentals page for more information.

Shelter Rentals

Shelter #1 – Large Shelter

Accommodates 100 people. Includes electricity, water, and two barbecues. Located near the playground and sports fields.

Full Day Rental: $200
10 a.m. – 7 p.m.

Shelter #2 – Near the Playground

Accommodates 25 people. It has one barbecue and water, but no access to electricity.

Full Day Rental: $100
10 a.m. – 7 p.m.

Shelter #3 – Near Angle Lane

Accommodates 25 people. It has one barbecue and no access to electricity or water. This is located near a grassy, open space behind the playground.

Full Day Rental: $100
10 a.m. – 7 p.m.

Shelter #4 – Near Baseball Field 5

Accommodates 25 people. It has one barbecue and no access to electricity or water. It is next to Baseball backstop #5.

Full Day Rental: $100
10 a.m. – 7 p.m.

Shelter #5 – Near Waughop Lake

Accommodates 25 people. It has one barbecue and no access to electricity or water. It is next to Waughop Lake.

Full Day Rental: $100
10 a.m. – 7 p.m.

Sports Field Rentals

Ball fields #1-4: Have base distances ranging from 60-90 feet. All offer pitching mounds. (Outfields may be used as soccer fields C, D and E.)

Ball field #5: Is small and used for T-ball or Coach Pitch programs.

Soccer fields A-F: Can accommodate regular size soccer fields. These fields are closed mid-December through February for maintenance.