City of Lakewood Standard Plans

This page contains all of the Standard Plans and associated documents for the City of Lakewood.


City of Lakewood – Frontage Standard Plans (PDF)

Section FR     

FR-01: Residential Driveway
FR-02: Residential Driveway with Ditch Culvert
FR-03: Cement Concrete Sidewalk
FR-04: Curbs
FR-05: Tree and Shrub Planting Layout
FR-06: Street Tree Location
FR-07: Handrail Installation

WSDOT – Referenced Standard Plans (latest edition)

Sections F & H

F-10.62-02: Precast Sloped Mountable Curb
F-10.64-03: Precast Dual Faced Sloped Mountable Curb
F-40.12-03: Parallel Curb Ramp
F-40.14-03: Combination Curb Ramp
F-40.15-03: Perpendicular Curb Ramp
F-40.16-03: Single Direction Curb Ramp
F-45.10-02: Detectable Warning Surface
F-80.10-04: Cement Concrete Driveway Entrance Types 1, 2, 3, & 4
H-10.10-00: Tree and Shrub Planting Details

Illumination and Signals

City of Lakewood – Illumination Signals Standard Plans (PDF)

Section IS

IS-01: Combined Collector and Service Cabinet Pedestal
IS-02: Controller Cabinet
IS-03: Service and BBS Cabinet Pedestal
IS-04: Service Cabinet Pedestal
IS-05: 336 S Communication Service Cabinet Pedestal
IS-06: Street Lights
IS-07: Fiber Interconnect and Cabinet Panel Details
IS-08: Fiber Junction Box Types 2 and 8
IS-09: PTZ Camera Mount and Panel Details

WSDOT – Referenced Standard Plans (latest edition)

Section J

J-40.10-04: Locking Lid Standard Junction Box Types 1 & 2 (2 sheets)
J-40.30-04: Locking Lid Standard Junction Box Type 8 (2 sheets)

Pavement, Markings and Signs

City of Lakewood – Pavement, Markings and Signs Standard Plans (PDF)

Section PS

PS-01: Street Name Sign – Public Street
PS-02: Street Name Sign – Private Street
PS-03: Steel Post Street Sign Support
PS-04: Bicycle Lane Symbol Layout
PS-05: Crosswalk and Stop Bar
PS-06:Bicycle Sharrow Signage and Road Symbol Layout

Pierce County – Referenced Standard Drawings (latest edition)

PC Sections G & H

PC. G2.1: Stop Sign Installation
PC. H2.2: Pavement Markings (left or right turn channelization)
PC. H2.3: Pavement Markings (two-way left turns)
PC. H2.4: Pavement Markings (RPM layouts two-lane, multi-lane, wide, dotted)
PC. H2.5: Pavement Markings (RPM layouts for turn lanes)
PC. H2.8: Pavement Markings (traffic arrow and only details)

WSDOT – Referenced Standard Plans (latest edition)

Section M

M-20.20-02: Profiled and Embossed Plastic Lines
M-24.40-02: Symbol Markings – Traffic Pavement Arrows for low-speed roadways


City of Lakewood – Roadway Standard Plans (PDF)

Section RW

RW-01: Residential Cul-De-Sac
RW-02: Principle/Minor Arterial Street
RW-0: Collector Arterial Street
RW-04: Local Access Street
RW-05: Alley
RW-06: Dead End Hammerhead
RW-07: Speed Table Construction
RW-08: Speed Table Details
RW-09: Speed Table Pavement Markings and Signage

Pierce County – Referenced Standard Drawings (latest edition)

Section A

PC. A7.1: Utility Patch (sheet 1 of 2)
PC. A7.2: Utility Patch (sheet 2 of 2 notes)

Stormwater Controls

City of Lakewood – Stormwater Controls Standard Plans (PDF)

Section SW

SW-01: Curb Inlet Frame and Cover
SW-02: Flow Restrictor and Oil Pollution Control Device
SW-03: Infiltration Trench Detail
SW-04: Individual Roof Downspout System
SW-05: Construction Entrance Rock Pad
SW-06: Geotextile Encased Check Dam Installation
SW-07: Trash Rack Detail

Pierce County – Referenced Standard Drawings (latest edition)

Section M

PC. M2.3: Straw Mulch

WSDOT – Referenced Standard Plans (latest edition)

Sections B & I

B-5.20-02: Catch Basin Type 1
B-5.60-02: Catch Basin Type 1P
B-10.20-02: Catch Basin Type 2
B-25.60-02: Concrete Inlet
B-30.10-03: Rectangular Frame (Reversible)
B-30.20-04: Rectangular Solid Metal Cover
B-30.30-03: Rectangular Vaned Grate
B-30.40-03: Rectangular Bi-Directional Vaned Grate
I-30.15-02: Silt Fence
I-30.20-00: Erosion Control at Culvert Ends
I-30.30-02: Wattle Installation on a slope
I-40.20-00: Storm Drain Inlet Protection
I-50.20-011: Check Dams on Channels
I-60.10-01 : Erosion Control Blanket Placement on a slope


City of Lakewood – Miscellaneous Standard Plans (PDF)

Section MI

MI-01: Survey Monument Type 1 and Type 2
MI-02: Monument Case and Cover
MI-03: Valve Casing Adjustment and Restoration

Pierce County Sanitary Sewer Standard Details (latest edition)


1002: Concrete Manhole Collar

WSDOT – Referenced Standard Plans (latest edition)

Sections H & L

H-60.10-01: Bollard Type 1
H-60.20-01: Bollard Type 2
H-70.10-01: Single Mailbox Support Type 1
H-70.20-01: Multiple Mailbox Support Type 2
L-20.10-03: Chain Link Fence Types 3 and 4 (2 sheets)
L-30.10-02: Chain Link Gate (2 sheets)