Lakewood Police Chief Mike Zaro recognizes a Lakewood police officers for their life-saving efforts in 2019

Civil Service Commission

The Civil Service Commission follows State law to select, hire, demote, and promote police officers.


The Civil Service Commission performs tasks established by state law as defined in Chapter 41.12 of the Revised Code of Washington. These tasks include the selection, appointment, promotion, demotion, and employment of police officers.

The Commission also makes rules and regulations as necessary to follow through with RCW 41.12 and Chapter 2.10 of the Lakewood Municipal Code.


Current Members
  • Eileen Bisson
  • Dennis Roden
  • Gayle Selden
Member Responsibilities

Committee members must attend regular meetings. If members miss three or more meetings, they may be dismissed by City Council.

Requirements for Membership

Members must be:

  • Citizens of the United States
  • Residents of the City of Lakewood for at least three years immediately before joining the commission
  • Registered voters in Pierce County
How to Join

Members are appointed by the City Manager

Schedule, Agendas, and Minutes

The Civil Service Commission meets at least once a month.









State and Local Laws

Chapter 41.12 of the Revised Code of Washington

Chapter 2.10 of the Lakewood Municipal Code