The City invests in roads, sidewalks, and public transit to make Lakewood easier to navigate. It’s not always easy – sometimes, maintenance or improvements may cause delays. From roundabouts to sidewalks to transit routes, residents have a lot to say about transportation.

Construction & Delays

Many construction projects deliver big improvements but can require closures and delays. In 2021, both Gravelly Lake Drive and Steilacoom Boulevard closed for construction.

The City maintains a road work map to inform residents of current construction and detours.

The pandemic caused supply chain issues that slowed some projects down, but the City successfully completed many road work projects in 2021. Improvements to Veteran’s Drive, 111th/112th Streets, 108th Street, and other programs are complete.


Roundabouts reduce collisions and injuries compared to lights or signs. They also reduce delays and allow more traffic to pass. Because idling is reduced, roundabouts also reduce emissions. Roundabouts have fewer ongoing costs than intersections controlled by lights.

Roundabouts are covered in Section 3-12 of the Washington State Driver Guide.

This video shows future roundabouts coming to the Lake City neighborhood.

Roundabout Research:

Unsafe Driving

If you feel that drivers are consistently unsafe in your neighborhood, file a report on MyLakewood311.

After a report, the area is monitored under the Neighborhood Traffic Control Program. The City will check for speeding and other possible safety hazards. If we find unsafe driving, the City might set up radar signs, increase enforcement, or consider other preventions.

Non-Motorized Transit

The City is working to improve safety for pedestrians and cyclists. Many recent road construction projects have improved sidewalks.

The Veterans Drive improvement project introduced wide shared paths for safe cycling & walking. The work along 108th, 111th, and 112th Streets improved access to the nearby train station. Work along Gravelly Lake Drive and Steilacoom Boulevard will also improve sidewalks.

If you feel that an area is unsafe for pedestrians or needs sidewalks, file a report on MyLakewood311.

Questions from Residents

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